James O’Keefe Celebrates Facebook Takedown on Anniversary of Breitbart’s Death at CPAC

It was seven years ago today when trailblazing right-wing journalist Andrew Breitbart died tragically and suddenly at the age of 43. His spirit lives on in James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, who appeared at CPAC in National Harbor, MD this afternoon to discuss his transparency efforts against Big Tech.

O’Keefe, the master of hidden camera stings against liberal elites, has targeted Facebook with his latest sting. An insider came to Veritas to help expose Facebook’s policies of targeting conservative and libertarian speech for their Orwellian censorship efforts.

The entire video released by Project Veritas can be seen here:

O’Keefe explained during his CPAC address that Facebook is identifying “key words that are not racist or extreme” such as “lulz and normies and mainstream media” in order to profile certain individuals deemed troublesome to the liberal establishment. From there, Big Brother’s web forms and attempts to ensnare conservatives in its sinister dystopian web.

“The document [leaked by the whistle-blower] showed two things: the deboost and the troll report,” O’Keefe said.

The deboost, or ‘actiondeboostlivedistribution’ as it is officially called by developers, throttles the circulation of content to Facebook users. It can be used during livestreams to kill organic reach. The troll report claimed that right-wingers are engaging in “destructive behaviors” that include “[r]ed-pilling normies to convert them to their worldview.” By creating the trollscore for users, Facebook easily profile these right-wing bad actors and strangle their ability to use the social network.

Individuals who have been targeted by Facebook’s censorship push include conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich and comedy talker Stephen Crowder, two men hardly known for their hate speech. For exposing the sinister schemes of Facebook, the heroic whistle-blower who came to O’Keefe was fired from the monolithic tech giant.

“This heroic whistle-blower blew the whistle and lost her job. It’s pretty heroic what she did,” O’Keefe said.

Facebook stands by their decision to fire this woman, showing that there is no tolerance for anyone who has integrity within their operation.

“We fired this person a year ago for breaking multiple employment policies and using her contractor role at Facebook to perform a stunt for Project Veritas,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge. “Unsurprisingly, the claims she is making validate her agenda and ignore the processes we have in place to ensure Facebook remains a platform to give people a voice, regardless of their political ideology.”

Regardless of the consequences, O’Keefe is completely undaunted in his mission. Invigorated by the spirit of the late Breitbart, he is moving even more boldly against the leftist enemy who he believes is on the run.

“I know that it’s crazy… to go after them in this way, but what’s inspirational about this is they may be able to stop one person from doing this, but they can’t stop an army of people,” O’Keefe said.

“Out of a few thousand,” O’Keefe said, referring to the audience at CPAC. “There is a couple and I’m going to find you, and I’m going to recruit you!”

O’Keefe added that individuals who do not have the courage or the ability to work as one of his moles need to “have the backs” of people willing to risk it all and stand strong to expose corruption.

“We are going to find them. We are going to make them famous internet celebrities,” O’Keefe said of the corrupt public and private sector individuals working in an illicit manner to restrict freedom.

O’Keefe encourages whistle-blowers to sign up for his transparency project at projectveritas.com/brave. He is assembling his army of information warriors right now to take the fight to Big Brother and end the Orwellian nightmare. Breitbart is looking down upon him from heaven right now very pleased without a doubt!

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