James O’Keefe Hints At New Target For Veritas Investigation

Guerrilla journalist and founder of Project Veritas hinted a new investigation Sunday on his personal Twitter account.

“Who’s funding them? Perhaps someone ought to investigate…” said James O’Keefe in response to a video of a mob of Portland, Oregon Antifa members rioting in the streets.

O’Keefe is known for infiltrating shady leftist operations and exposing their misdeeds. During election season, his organization exposed the Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke campaign for directing campaign funds to the caravan of migrants that recently attempted to storm the U.S. border,” as well as the Andrew Gillum campaign for lying to constituents about Gillum’s intentions if elected. He also exposed voter fraud in Texas, where “non-citizens” who were Project Veritas operatives were being offered the opportunity to vote illegally.

His long history of surreptitiously recording Democratic bad actors has made him public enemy number one among leftists. But O’Keefe is careful and clever, and continues to expose the truth.

It appears that Antifa might be next on his list of targets, and rightfully so. The rioters have been causing trouble across the nation since before the election of President Donald J. Trump, but have become more militant during the past two years.

Sunday, a Portland Antifa member was caught on camera spitting on and punching peaceful Trump supporters at a rally and subsequently arrested.

Big League Politics reported:

A rabid, purple-haired Antifa clown was arrested in Portland, Oregon after repeatedly punching and spitting on two Trump supporters, both whom stood by non-violently and took the abuse.

While screaming incoherently, flailing her body all over the place, spitting on, and punching Trump supporters, the Antifa member, reportedly named Hannah McClintock was filmed by several citizen journalists.

The Trump supporters who were subject to her violence could be heard repeatedly saying “Let her attack, it’s all good.” They reacted completely non-violently before riot police finally broke through the crow and arrested McClintock. This incident will likely get zero attention from the mainstream press, and HuffPost might even write an article supporting McClintock’s outrageous behavior.



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