James O’Keefe to Wisconsin Attorney General: ‘We Should Investigate You’

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel Official Portrait

Project Veritas hinted that they may investigate Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel, after his office closed an investigation into potential voter fraud — and declined to view additional evidence the group had obtained.

Video footage that the controversial investigative journalism initiative had provided to Schimel was part of an expose on the group Democracy Partners, in which Scott Foval, a Democratic Party operative in Wisconsin, appears to discuss an elaborate voter fraud scheme.

“It’s a very easy thing for Republicans to say we are bussing people in. Well you know what, we have been bussing people in for 50 years to deal with you assholes and we’re not going to stop now. We’re just going to find a different way to do it,” Foval is heard saying in one of the videos.

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Despite the alarming content of the footage, and Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe offering the office more videos, Schimel’s office decided to end the investigation without any charges being filed.

“Based on all the available facts I do not believe there is any basis to conclude that the videos demonstrate or suggest violations of Wisconsin criminal laws,” the Attorney General’s office had wrote in the memorandum.

Schimel’s office also appeared to attack the credibility of the Project Veritas organization.

“The interviews on the tape was obviously edited and the full recordings were not available on the Project Veritas website,” the memorandum by Roy Korte, the head of Schimel’s criminal litigation division, stated in January.

O’Keefe maintains that the office was provided with the full unedited videos.

On Thursday, O’Keefe responded to Schimel by stating that the investigation “was superficial at best, because your investigators apparently did not conduct any interviews and did not even make arrangements to view our third video.”

“You didn’t watch the tapes, and you don’t care to investigate,” O’Keefe said in a video response to Schimel. “This is about politics, this about attacking Project Veritas — because you think that our achilles heel is our tapes and whether they are credible or not.”

O’Keefe added that the organization had also provided Schimel with full transcripts, to make his job even easier.


“If the state of Wisconsin is not going to do their job, then, then, we should — you should be investigated,” O’Keefe said. “We should investigate you and you should lose your job.”

When asked by Big League Politics if they are actually planning to investigate Schimel and his office, the organization would not confirm or deny.

“Project Veritas action cannot disclose any information about any real or imagined company investigations,” an assistant communications director for the group told BLP.

Project Veritas recently released undercover videos of activists planning a butyric acid attack on the inaugural “DeploraBall” in Washington, DC, which lead to arrests of the parties involved.


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  1. Scott Foval: “It’s a very easy thing for Republicans to say we are bussing people in. Well you know what, we have been bussing people in for 50 years….”

    Wisconsin Attorney General: “Nope, I see nothing here that suggests any violation of law.”

  2. The election should be considered void setting up a head to head, winner take all match between Trump and Sanders!

  3. Investigate the Attorney General. It is required after their either 1) incompetence or 2) collusion. There is something to be said for citizen journalism and the power of truth. The reason these liberal criminals continue to commit voter fraud is they feel insulated by legal authorities against prosecution. Open those floodgates and all the conspirators will be vying for immunity, pointing fingers at each other. It is time to conduct a national inquiry into voter fraud, imprisoning the worst offenders.

  4. Investigate, prosecute, publicize, lock them up. That is obviously what SHOULD happen to corrupt, criminal scum like Brad Schimel.

    The problem is, our government agencies, federal, state and local, are compromised by leftist domination. Our media is so utterly in thrall to the left that it has become a national joke (approval rating below 20%, half the population now basically considers MSM journalists to be traitors). These people are openly at war with constitutional government and are routinely engaging in illegal, seditious acts. The situation is now at a critical mass where the system cannot correct itself because the individual actors are too compromised.

    For decades Americans have been diligently trying to drain the swamp through legal, peaceful means. Nothing has worked, and the situation has only deteriorated more and more. The terrible question now stands before us: if the peaceful method has failed, is it pitchforks and torches time? I personally hope not, but options are narrowing daily.

  5. Why are these political elites always protected from the ramifications of their obvious corruption? Most don’t care what Party they represent either. We want to see those that are corrupt spending many years in prison breaking big boulders into little pebbles as a deterrent. They absolutely need to be held accountable using common sense now, before they end up as the French did with their guillotine purge.