James Woods Suspended From Twitter AGAIN

James Woods has been placed on suspension by Twitter for the second time, with the social media platform castigating him for sharing alleged photos of former Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum passed out naked after a drunken celebration involving a male escort in a hotel room.

An associate of Woods revealed that he had been locked out of his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Gillum himself is yet to deny that the alleged photos of him naked and passed out in a hotel bathroom are of him. Twitter has ruled that sharing the photos violates platform rules on revenge porn, even though Gillum is a public figure whose appearance of the photos is of political concern to residents of Florida and of the city of Tallahassee, where he was mayor.

This is the second time that Woods has been locked out of his Twitter account for violating the platform’s vague terms of service. The company is probably reluctant to outright permanently ban one of the most prolific conservatives to regularly use the platform, so they resort to implicit methods of silencing him.

Woods earlier took a self-imposed retreat from the platform in 2017 for a temporary lockdown placed on his account. He returned to Twitter this year, only to be slapped with another arbitrary ban from the platform’s Silicon Valley overlords.

Unfortunately, it appears probable that Woods will be uninclined to return to Twitter once after being silenced by its handlers for a second time.

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