Jared Kushner Lays Out Plan to Bring in Third-World Mass Immigration to Take Jobs From U.S. Workers

A video of Trump son-in-law and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner discussing his plan to import immigrants from the third-world to steal jobs from U.S. citizens is quickly going viral on social media.

Even though the U.S. is approaching a new economic depression due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kushner still wants to bring in foreigners who he believes have merit that U.S. workers cannot compete with.

“If you look at the proportion of people that come through our legal immigration system based on family connections versus based on economy, and then you compare that to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, we are basically the inverse of them, and I do think that, ya know, we have a lot of objectives that the President has,” he explained to a reporter at Time 100.

“One, he wants to protect American wages. Number two, he wants to make sure our border is fully secure,” Kushner added before he started to go off the rails. “Number three, we want to make sure that our country is welcoming and a place where we are able to attract the best and brightest from all over the world.”

Demonstrating that he is an intellectual novice, Kushner listed another third objective and spewed gibberish that might as well be out of the Democrat Party platform.

“Number three, we want to maintain our country’s humanitarian values. We want to make sure that we are reunifying families, and we want to make sure that we are doing this in a way that allows our country to be competitive long term,” he said.

Kushner then talked up his idea to create more seasonal visas for agricultural workers to bring in cheap third-world labor in order to maximize profits for obscenely wealthy corporate interests.

“We are also working on a guest worker piece which is important for agriculture and a lot of seasonal work, and my hope is we can really do something that unifies people around what we’re for on immigration,” he said.

The entire clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how Kushner has effectively subverted President Trump’s “America First” immigration policy:

President Donald Trump has apparently had a change of heart regarding open immigration following a massive corporate lobbying push to import more foreign workers into the US that would boost multinational profits at the expense of US workers.

“We want to have a very strong border, but we want to have a lot of people coming in,” Trump said at a White House summit this week with the corporate elite. “A lot of people don’t understand that. They think we’re shutting it out. We’re not shutting it out. We want people to come in, but they have to come in through a process.”

Trump credits his marvelous economy, sitting currently at about 3.6 percent, for why all this foreign labor is necessary.

“We’re going to let a lot of people come in because we need workers,” Trump said yesterday. “We have to have workers. These are low numbers, and in one way I love it, but in another way I don’t want to make it hard for you to get those companies rolling … with really great people.”

While Trump acts like this is a sudden change of heart spurred by the fact that his economy is doing well, it is more likely that his flip-flop has come as the result of a well-funded globalist lobbying campaign engineered by Trump’s son-in-law and international poster child for the dangers of nepotism, Jared Kushner.

McClatchy DC reported on Kushner’s scheming with individuals from the Koch-affiliated Libre Initiative, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and other open border groups as he exploited the government shutdown crisis to push amnesty

The promise of the Trump administration is being squandered because of Kushner’s presence within the administration.

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