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Jared Kushner’s Legal Immigration Scheme is Dead…. For Now



For now, it looks like any expansion of legal immigration is dead in the water at the federal level.

Twitter user Columbia Bugle tweeted, “Sounds like Kushner’s Immigration Plan is going nowhere. The proposed legislation ‘doesn’t reduce the overall numbers of immigrants or make E-verify mandatory. We need an immigration system that works for American Workers, this doesn’t appear to be.”

POLITICO reported that Trump’s immigration plan, which he released in 2019, is now floundering.

Some even believe that it won’t go anywhere.

Many immigration patriots have criticized Trump’s immigration proposal for being too soft on mass migration and lacking focus.

“The substance is flawed because it doesn’t address the most important reforms that the president’s supporters want to see,” declared Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, one of the leading immigration restrictionist groups in America. “The strategy is flawed because they are trying to do too many things.”

According to a White House official, Trump will be spending the next few months trying to push for immigration reform now that the impeachment drama is no longer gobbling up his time.

Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and the brains behind this immigration plan, firmly believes that this plan can move forward.

“Before you go to battle, you have to do preparation,” Kushner said during an interview with POLITICO on February 14, 2020. “We have done the heavy lifting, the hard prep work. So if the Hill develops an appetite to move forward on an immigration deal, we will be ready. Ultimately, the president will consult with the leadership on the Hill and then decide, do we release the plan now, or do we put it out after the election.”

A White House official claims the bill has already gained the support of 22 GOP senators, which includes Mike Lee of Utah and David Perdue of Georgia, and believes it will end up receiving the support from nearly all 53 Republican senators. However, other individuals involved with the negotiations don’t necessarily believe those numbers.

“It’s a super hard problem, but our job is to try and tackle hard problems,“ Kushner stated. “It’s easy to say what hasn’t been done can’t be done, and so often the media declare the president’s agenda items to be impossible — like it did with [United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement], the China trade deal, criminal justice reform or building a wall. But time and time again the president proves them wrong.”

Trump mentioned this legislation during his recent State of the Union address.

“We are working on legislation to replace our outdated and randomized immigration system with one based on merit, welcoming those who follow the rules, contribute to our economy, support themselves financially, and uphold our values,” Trump said.

Trump’s proposal would allow more high-skilled, well-educated immigrants to enter the country. On the other hand, the plan would reduce the number of people who enter the country using family connections or if their native country has low migration rates.

It also features measures that tighten up border security, which includes stricter visa screenings at ports of entry and tighter asylum rules, while also expanding the implementation of E-Verify, an electronic system that enables businesses to verify the work status of their employees. The plan would reassemble the Department of Homeland Security and establish an immigration czar.

Chris Chmielenski, deputy director at NumbersUSA, another organization pushing for patriotic immigration reform, said his group still has misgivings about Trump’s legislative reform because it doesn’t reduce the total number of immigrants or establish an E-Verify mandate.

“Democrats and Republicans are opposed. I don’t think some people in the White House fully understood they would be,” Chmielenski stated. “It’s more difficult of an issue than they thought.”

Over a million immigrants are allowed to enter the United States annually on a permanent basis. However, only 140,000 of those immigrants entered through employment categories. The rest of the migrants are relatives, refugees, or individuals from countries with low rates of immigration to America. The numbers don’t include temporary or seasonal workers.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, revealed that Kushner also called him seeking his support. However, Krikorian said he rejected Kushner’s outreach,  informing Kushner he couldn’t support a plan that doesn’t involve a wholesale reduction in migration.

All in all, immigration reform remains dormant in D.C.

The good news is that there are no new expansions in overall migration.

Should Trump win re-election and Republicans take the house, real immigration reforms like establishing E-Verify, repealing birthright citizenship, and ending chain migration must be on the table.

Trump’s second term should put immigration as priority #1.


Flashback: Ann Coulter Warns Steve Bannon about Donald Trump’s Hires During 2016

Coulter tells it like it is.



Earlier this week, former White House adviser Steve Bannon reached out to President Donald Trump, in an apparent move to reconcile with the president. Bannon was one of the more renowned advisors in the Trump administration who received a lot of attention for his unconventional views. The former White House adviser is likely looking for Trump to pardon him for several federal criminal charges that he is currently facing.

Bannon was one of the strongest contrarian voices on the right who questioned traditional conservative dogma on free trade and immigration. His rise to prominence represented a raw, populist anger that was building within the Republican Party base. Bannon ended up leaving the Trump administration after the infamous Charlottesville rally. This left a massive void for populist voices within the Trump brain trust, which was never adequately filled with populist figures.

Most of the strong populist voices during the Trump era came from the outside. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has been one of the leading figures trying to steer populist discourse in America.Although a harsh critic, Coulter did her best to hold President Trump accountable and watch his every move, especially personnel decisions that did not align with his America first vision. To the average pro-Trump individual, Coulter’s criticism may come off as abrasive, but it was and still is  necessary to have a viable nationalist movement.

As a reminder to her followers about how she knew that there were subversive elements in the Trump administration who wanted to gut the president’s America First agenda and pursue more traditional Republican policies, she tweeted about email correspondence she had with Bannon dating back to December 2, 2016. In light of the rapprochement between Bannon and Trump, Coulter called attention to how she warned the former White House adviser about some of the latter’s questionable staffing decisions during the early stages of his presidency.

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Coulter tweeted, “No, actually, I knew Trump was betraying us pretty early on – and that it would cost him re-election. My December 2, 2016 email to Steve Bannon:”

In an email sent on December 2, 2016 with a subject line titled “ghost of christmas future”, Coulter warned then-White House adviser Bannon about some of Trump’s hiring decisions.

She first noted that “the fact that Trump is even CONSIDERING rep. Mccaul (rubio in the house) for homeland — and is NOT considering kobach— tells me we’re not getting any major deportations, no removal of refugees, no e-verify, no end to end anchor babies… and trump will be dead.

also, “mad dog” isn’t going to build a wall.”

She was referring to Texas Congressman Michael McCaul, a known mass migration booster and a potential nominee for the head of the Department of Homeland Security. United States Marine Corps General James Matthis would be Trump’s first Secretary of Defense, who ended up turning out to be a Deep State hack. On the other hand, Kris Kobach is a nationally recognized immigration hawk, who gained fame for implementing some of the stiffest voter ID standards in the nation during his time as Secretary of State.

The Trump administration was successful in implementing several administrative changes that limited immigration and also did not get involved in any nation-building engagements like previous administrations.

Nevertheless, Coulter’s incisive suggestions still have use for future Republican administrations. The new GOP should follow Coulter’s pro-migration restriction suggestions if it wants to not only remain politically relevant, but also protect the integrity of America’s political system.

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