Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That In A Small Town’ Pulled From CMT, Smeared As ‘Modern Lynching Song’ By The Left As It Continues To Dominate Charts

Country music star Jason Aldean has a new song called “Try That In A Small Town” that challenges rioters who are used to getting away with crimes in big cities to try their antics in small town USA.

It’s been a major hit. So, right on cue, the left is already blasting it as “racist.”

Apparently the song is so controversial and politically motivated that even CMT pulled it from the network’s air.

One commenter even went as far as to call it a “modern lynching song.”

From CNN

The song was released in May, but according to Billboard the accompanying video wasn’t released until July 14 and had been in heavy rotation through Sunday before it was pulled on Monday.

The lyrics, critics say, are evocative of vigilantism, racism and “sundown towns” that practice a form of all white segregation in which people of color and others who were considered outsiders knew they faced violence if they were not out of an area before the sun went down.

The controversy over “Try That in a Small Town” reached a new level with the recent music video release for the song. Some viewers noticed scenes in the video were shot in front of what appears to be the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee. The courthouse has been the site of several incidents of racial violence, including the 1927 lynching of a Black man named Henry Choate. It also served as a backdrop for the Columbia Race Riot in 1946.

The video also includes footage from police brutality protests and shots from surveillance cameras showing robberies.

Even country music legend Sheryl Crow chimed in to denounce the song, claiming it is “about promoting violence.” She was blasted on Twitter by users including Aldean for virtue signaling.

“So it’s not the violence from 2020 that bothers you, it’s seeing clips of it on video that makes you speak out,” Twitter user MAZE replied.

“You mean the footage of riots, looting, and burning down businesses he showed?” ALX tweeted in response to Crow’s tweet. “That’s what you’re defending?”

Still, the song is proving to be a major hit. It’s the number one song on iTunes

Many conservative voices like Krisi Noem have taken to Twitter to share praise for the new song that blasts the left’s rioter-apologist attitude towards 2020. 

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