JD Vance TORCHES Ryan Over Racist Smears: ‘You’re So Desperate Not To Have A Real Job That You’ll Slander Me And Slander My Family!’

JD Vance and Tim Ryan are both running for Ohio Senate in the 2022 midterm elections. 

In case you missed it, Vance has been destroying Ryan in recent debates by flipping the script on Democrat narratives. And by going on the offense. 

Vance has been taking hold of the conversation. Which is the exact sort of approach other Republicans ought to follow going into 2023.

According to polls, Vance held a slight lead over Ryan. But many experts are beginning to suggest that lead will grow after last night’s showing.


For context, Ryan – like most Democrats – loves to paint his opposition as racist. More specifically, Ryan routinely calls out Vance for his “Great Replacement Theory.” Which states the white race in the West is slowly being overtaken by people of color.

“You are so desperate for political power that you’ll accuse me, the father of three beautiful biracial babies, of engaging in racism,” Vance said to Ryan.

“We are sick of it. You can believe in a border without being a racist. You can believe in the country without being a racist,” he continued.

“And this just shows how desperate this guy is for political power. I know you’ve been in office for 20 years, Tim, and I know it’s a sweet gig, but you’re so desperate not to have a real job that you’ll slander me and slander my family — it’s disgraceful,” Vance added.

Vance perfectly articulated and dismembered the baseless “Republicans are racist” smear from Ryan and other Democrats.

He went straight to the core of Ryan’s so-called argument, and called it out for what it was: an utter disgrace.

Vance would deliver the same passion and intensity during another debate just last week. 

“You voted so many times against border wall funding…” Vance said to Ryan. 

“If you had done your job, she would have never been raped in the first place,” Vance added, referencing the tragic story about a 10-year-old girl in Ohio who was raped and became pregnant by an illegal immigrant.

“Do your job on border security, don’t lecture me about opinions I don’t actually have,” Vance added.

If Ryan had his way, Vance would be forced to answer for his actions and past statements, and just those alone. Moderators would not even bat an eye.

When Vance flipped the script, Ryan was forced to answer for his past decisions, policies, and beliefs. See the difference? 

Going on the offense puts the power back into Republican’s hands. This is how to win.

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