Jeff Bezos Slammed For Puny Donation to Australia Wildfire Recovery

Globalist oligarch and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was slammed by many philanthropists on Sunday evening after announcing a comparatively small donation to combat the ongoing wildfire epidemic in Australia.

Bezos, who has held the title of the world’s richest man with a net worth of a whopping $116.7 billion- announced that Amazon was donating a humble sum of $690,000, or one million Australian dollars to wildfire recovery. Australia has been ravaged by an ongoing wildfire epidemic that has devastated more than 26 million acres of land.

Certainly, $690,000 is not an inconsequential sum of money. But someone with the resources of Jeff Bezos could easily have donated millions of not billions more, raising questions as to whether the donation is merely intended as a PR stunt to rehab the oligarch’s image.

Bezos has gone on the record before stating that the “only way” he’d use his record setting personal wealth would be for personal space travel. He spent more than ten times the amount of his Australia donation last year on a vain Super Bowl ad, promoting the fake news Washington Post.

Some pointed out that far less wealthy celebrities and individuals donated far more than Bezos. Thrash metal band Metallica donated $750,000, and Kylie Jenner donated a million dollars.

Bezos even went on to ask for his Instagram followers to donate in his post announcing the meager giveaway, apparently unaware or unwilling to admit that he alone could donate far more than his followers could. Critics of the megabillionaire pointed out the Bezos receives more wealth in a few minutes than he gave for the fires.

It’s clear the donation is little more than an empty stunt. Liberal billionaires such as Bezos are eager to rehabilitate their tattered reputations in an era where they’re facing criticism across the political spectrum, but the general public knows better.

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