Jeff Flake to Block Conservative Judges Until Mueller Granted Constitution Defying Powers

Arizona’s lame duck Senator, Jeff Flake, announced Thursday that he would use his position on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee to block the Trump administration’s appointments of conservative originalist judges until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell brings up his pet project- a bill granting special powers to Special Counsel Robert Mueller- up for a vote on the Senate floor.

Flake has made an ongoing campaign to grant powers to Mueller a defining feature of his final months in the Senate. The legislation, also marshaled by the Senator’s Democratic handler, Chris Coons, would exempt Robert Mueller’s prosecutorial office from the traditional constitutional restraints placing the Department of Justice under the supervision of the Executive Branch. If Flake succeeded in enshrining Mueller- who has never been confirmed by the Senate- Anti-Trump ideological operatives within the Department of Justice would have complete authority over the Special Counsel’s Russian conspiracy witch hunt.

McConnell had so far dismissed the need for Flake’s shot in the dark, seeing no need to place a suspicious government bureaucrat outside the traditional prosecutorial constraints imposed upon the Justice Department. Now, it seems the Flake will test his hand by possibly blocking the stream of conservative justices sent through the Judiciary committee. So much for his supposed belief in conservative originalism- Flake seems to put a higher legislative priority on empowering the deep state and institutional left.

Flake has been an embarrassment to conservatives and Arizonans for long enough. Now facing the prospect of impending retirement and replacement with a like-minded progressive Democrat, it’s likely he won’t be remembered for anything more than making himself to nuisance to the conservative movement he claims to so purely represent. Unfortunately, it could be possible that conservatives and Republicans won’t be able to truly rid themselves of the Flake until his potential 2020 independent candidacy is finally defeated.

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