Jeff Sessions Breaks Down the Case for an Immigration Moratorium on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Alabama Senate candidate and former U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions laid out his argument for a full immigration moratorium in the wake of the coronavirus recession during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday, calling for American policy makers to put Americans First in the light of mass unemployment and economic insecurity.

Sessions had made the call for a moratorium on Thursday morning, making the proposition as a means to alleviate the economic pressure placed upon tens millions of American workers by the coronavirus recession.

Watch Tucker’s exchange with Jeff Sessions here:

Sessions slammed rapacious for-profit corporate interests for demanding even more cheap labor foreign visa workers in an era where millions of Americans have lost their jobs.

If there’s a choice between an American and a foreigner to get a job, it’s the American who should get the job over a foreigner. Give me a break. How simple is that? Who do we owe our responsibility to as public officials? It’s to the American people first.

Sessions went on to blast the notoriously corrupt H-1B visa program used by Silicon Valley tech companies to replace American college graduates with foreign low-wage workers, pointing out the utility of such a program in an era where new college graduates are likely to face damaged job prospects.

Why bring in foreign workers to take those jobs, when we should do everything possible to get American workers who are unemployed in those jobs?

Sessions is running against football coach Tommy Tuberville for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator in Alabama, an office he held for decades before resigning to serve as Attorney General. Tuberville has a dubious immigration track record, stating that the United States “needs” tens of millions of illegal immigrants to provide labor for America’s corporations.

Sessions, on the other hand, has what may be the strongest and most enduring America First track record for any national political figure throughout his decades of public service.

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