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Is Jeff Sessions Good Again, Or Maybe He Was Secretly Good The Whole Time?



Attorney General Jeff Sessions might actually be doing a good job now in defending President Trump against accusations leveled by his Deep State enemies. Or, one theory suggests, Sessions might have been laying low and doing well behind the scenes the whole time, forcing the anti-Trump conspirators to reveal themselves in an elaborate disinformation trap.

Department of Justice prosecutors are now interviewing FBI agents regarding evidence in the Uranium One case. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration sold 20 percent of America’s uranium to the Russians with the assistance of former FBI director Robert Mueller, who is now the special counsel in the Trump-Russia case. Big League Politics Adviser Roger Stone has been urging President Trump to appoint a special prosecutor for the Uranium One scandal.

Appointing a special prosecutor would be one way for Trump to go on offense against Mueller without actually firing Mueller, which would give Democrats political ammunition to go after him with an impeachment case.

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Trump’s legal team is accusing Mueller of illegally obtaining documents from the presidential transition period, and, as Big League Politics reported, whistleblowers are lining up to make accusations of illegal activity against Mueller stemming from his time as FBI director, when he oversaw surveillance programs that allegedly spied on then-private citizen Donald Trump.

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Now, Sessions still has not recommended a special prosecutor, and he still has not pressed charges against Clinton or anyone else. To the naked eye, Sessions has actually done a pretty terrible job as Attorney General, recusing himself in the Russia case for seemingly no reason and allowing Mueller to seek blood. Sessions has been so bad at being Attorney General that Trump doesn’t even seem to care if he offends the former Alabama senator with his tweets.

But perhaps, just perhaps, Sessions is playing the long game.

Here is the theory from The Conservative Treehouse, which has laid out the theory in a stunning series of speculative pieces that might prove to be not so speculative after all:

“It has been CTH contention for several weeks that a counterintelligence sting operation has been going on within the IC community.  False trails of information, seeded by ‘White Hat’ investigators, intended to be captured by ‘Black Hat’ leakers – and delivered to their usurping allies in media.  The stories are fake, the leaks are real.

All investigative documents, relating to the witness, are provided to the congressional committees prior to the interviews with the witnesses; or, if the information is classified, each committee member has an opportunity to review the documents via a controlled SCIF environment when no physical copies are allowed as part of the evidence.

The Don JR./Wikileaks email could very easily be part of a ‘sting’.  The date was intentionally seeded as incorrect.  The resulting story is fake. The leak, however, is real.

Each nugget of disinformation exposes a specific leaker.  Each trail used in the sharing of that disinformation exposes the enabling media.  The White Hat plants the fake news seed, and then watches to see where, when, how, to-whom, and from-whom, it shows up…

…In this example, we believe it is most likely House Intelligence Committee Minority Chairman Adam Schiff was the recipient of the disinformation, and has now exposed himself as a leaker to an elite, previously undisclosed, investigative unit specifically assembling evidence of corruption and leaking at the highest levels of government.

The scale and strength of the CNN push-back, and specifically the tone in their refusal to even consider discussing source of the false information, further supports our supposition.

Keep in mind, Representative Adam Schiff is -as an outcome of his minority ranking on the House Intel Committee- a member of the elite congressional oversight “Gang of Eight”.

This is a VERY BIG deal.  The Gang of Eight holds oversight on every covert intelligence operation going on around the world.  The Go8 oversee the NSA, CIA, FBI, DNI, and every single intelligence unit and operation.  The Go8 are the only group with oversight on the CIA action from Presidential Finding Memos authorizing covert operations…

…That said, it would not be the IG carrying out the counterintelligence operation to identify leakers.  In actuality, no official IC agency would be empowered to place fake news in front of congress.  Setting traps for congress is generally bad form, and for matters of trust – bad politics.  That reality, amid those who follow DC politics, is the central point to dismiss such the “Black Hat Hunting” theory.

However, few people were paying attention four months ago when Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates told us they were going to do exactly that:

04:30 …”The FBI has created a new counterintelligence unit to manage these [leak] cases”…

08:17 …”these National Security breaches do not just originate from within the Intelligence Community. They come from a wide range of sources within the government, including the Congress.”…”


The Swamp

BREAKING: Trump Reveals Mitch McConnell BEGGED For His Endorsement in Scathing Takedown Statement

Possibly the most brutal takedown since Jeb Bush.



“The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political ‘leaders’ like Sen. Mitch McConnell at its helm.”

This was the powerful first sentence of former President Donald Trump’s most recent incredible and high energy press statement released Tuesday afternoon. The complete disavowal and humiliation of McConnell comes to no surprise after the supposedly Republican Senate Minority Leader backstabbed President Trump multiple times after the November 4th election. More recently, McConnell has been focusing on appeasing his Democratic friends and repudiating Trump time and time again, consistently referring to Trump as a “disgrace” and mocking Trump supporters as insurrectionists.

In an almost reminiscent 2016 Candidate Trump fashion, the 45th President of the United States responded to McConnell’s treachery by verbally tearing him apart, limb by limb:

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“Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again.”

Big League Politics has previously reported on Minority Traitor McConnell quite a number of times this past week as he continues to slander Donald Trump and the Republican voter base. McConnell encouraged the unconstitutional impeachment trial of now private citizen Trump, he has betrayed his own voter base who now overwhelming disapproves of him, he denounced Trump and his supporters as “conspiracy theorists” and “criminals“, and McConnell has also recently announced that he will attempt to prevent future pro-MAGA Republican candidates from running.

Read the full statement here:

Trump has repeatedly said, even before he got involved in politics, that loyalty is one of the most important things to him. When someone is disloyal to Trump he sees it as a “great act of horror” and has also publicly stated: “I love getting even with people.”

Trump also announced in his press release that he will support candidates in a primary against McConnell and any Republican politicians that betrayed him and the MAGA movement.

Interestingly enough, Trump also asserted that McConnell “begged” for Trump’s endorsement, and Trump is the only reason McConnell had any chance at winning reelection. As Trump put it:

He went from one point down to 20 points up, and won. How quickly he forgets. Without my endorsement, McConnell would have lost, and lost badly. Now, his numbers are lower than ever before, he is destroying the Republican side of the Senate, and in so doing, seriously hurting our Country.

While 2026 (the year McConnell will be up for reelection) seems relatively far out, Donald Trump affirms he’ll be there. The lion awaits patiently, vengefully, and lacks any remorse for the jackals that betrayed him.

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