Jeff Sessions Set to Announce Alabama Senate Campaign

Former Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to announce his campaign to retake his old Alabama U.S. Senate seat, according to reporting from the Hill.

Sessions represented Alabama in the Senate from 1997 to 2017 and is still widely popular in his state. He left office to serve in the Trump administration as Attorney General.

Sessions was one of the first national political figures to endorse Donald Trump during his historical 2016 Presidential campaign. He was known widely as one of the most prolific immigration patriots in Congress during his tenure, opposing globalist amnesty efforts and quite possibly being instrumental to preventing their passage into law.

The former federal prosecutor and Alabama AG has been mulling a potential campaign to retake his old seat from Doug Jones for a few months. Jones snatched the seat in a turbulent election in which he faced Roy Moore.

The deadline to file for the Alabama Senate primary is Friday. Sessions would face competition for the Republican nomination from Rep. Bradley Byrne and Alabama football coach Tommy Tuberville.

Trump supporters less than thrilled with the corrupt investigations at the Department of Justice during his tenure were reasonably displeased. The President lost faith in Sessions as Attorney General, incensed with the partisan witch hunt operations conducted in an effort to slander him at his department.

But neither the President nor true America First conservatives should forget Sessions’ stellar track record as a U.S. Senator, in which he consistently fought for the interests of working-class and patriotic Americans against those who sought to undermine them with a tidal wave of mass immigration and outsourcing.

Sessions was the only Senator to receive a grade of A+ from NumbersUSA, an immigration watchdog organization that monitors federal policy. He was known for his willingness not only to battle massive amnesty programs for illegals, but also to fight back against attempts by big corporations to import millions of workers for cheap labor as legal immigrants.

Sessions famously took what he called the “cosmopolitan elite” to task in a 2014 speech known as “The Masters of the Universe.”

Despite their contentious relationship, Sessions has made it clear that he still supports President Donald Trump and the America First vision he championed as a candidate. It comes as a disappointment to many Trump supporters to see true America First Republicans such as Sessions fall out with the President, as neoconservative entryists infiltrate the administration with ease.

Real America First conservatives should take account of the big picture, recounting Sessions’ contributions to the movement over decades instead of writing it off on the basis his rocky tenure as AG.

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