Jeff Sessions Will Advance to Alabama Runoff Against Tommy Tuberville

Jeff Sessions will face off against college football coach Tommy Tuberville in a runoff election at the end of the month for the Republican nomination for US Senate in Alabama.

Returns of the initial primary on Tuesday night show Sessions narrowly leading Tuberville. Under Alabama’s election processes, a candidate needs more than 50% of the initial primary vote to avoid an additional runoff election held between the two leading candidates.

With almost 50% reporting, Sessions is neck and neck with Tuberville at around 35% of the vote.

A runoff election won’t include several other Republican candidates who ran for the Senate seat. Congressman Bradley Byrne took almost a quarter of the vote in the initial primary, and his supporters could prove crucial to whichever candidate hopes to win the March 31st runoff election.

Immigration policy has proven to be a consistent theme in the heated Senate race. Sessions, a longtime US Senator who departed from the seat he’s currently running for to serve as Donald Trump’s Attorney General, has lambasted Tuberville for a history of confusing remarks appearing to endorse pro-big business amnesty and open borders immigration policy. Tuberville has hired campaign consultants with a proven track record of lobbying for amnesty, and he’s even gone so far as to say that the United States “needs” more than 100,000 illegal immigrants entering the country every month to provide cheap labor.

The race could prove to be an indicator of the Republican Party’s views on immigration, at least in the southern state. Sessions has consistently led efforts to block amnesty and globalist cheap labor immigration policy throughout his career as a Senator and Attorney General.

Sessions has sought to explain his falling out with President Donald Trump during his tenure as Attorney General to Alabama voters, reminding the electorate that he’s consistently remained a strong Trump supporter and emphasizing that he hopes to repair his relationship with the President upon returning to his old Senate seat. Sessions was the first Republican Senator and major American political figure to endorse Trump for President, a feather in his cap he’s been keen to emphasize throughout his campaign.


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