Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate Begins Settlement Talks With 17 Women

The estate of deceased pedophile billionaire has begun settlement negotiations with 17 women who were victims of the sex offender’s human trafficking operation, ensuring that the women will almost assuredly receive some form of financial compensation for their experiences.

Court documents filed by attorney Mariann Meier Wang of the firm Cuti Heckler Wang approve the suspension of active litigation against Epstein’s estate in order to conduct negotiations between the twelve plaintiffs she represents, and an Victim Compensation Program created by Epstein’s estate. Five women represented by the Bloom Firm are also entering settlement negotiations.

Epstein obviously never faced a jury for his human trafficking and sex crimes activities on account of his infamous alleged suicide in a New York City jail cell, but the settlement program could serve as the most telling admission of Epstein’s guilt that the general public will get. Epstein’s estate has control of more than $600 million of the deceased financier’s personal wealth, which had declined significantly after Epstein’s initial sex crimes conviction in 2008.

The women who agree to negotiations with Epstein’s estate are agreeing to cease litigation against it, and potential lawsuits against other individuals described as essential operatives in Epstein’s elaborate human trafficking operation, which trafficked young women to work for the pedophile billionaire.

Other women with allegations of sexual abuse against Epstein are continuing their litigation in the court system, declining to participate in the Epstein estate’s settlement program. At least ten federal complaints against the infamous oligarch are currently being litigated in the Southern District of New York.

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