Jeffrey Epstein’s Final Cellmate Found Dead of Coronavirus at 51 in New York Apartment

A man who shared a cell with infamous pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein at New York City’s Metropolitan Correctional Center was found dead of the Chinese coronavirus at age 51. Efrain Reyes reportedly died of the disease at his mother’s apartment in New York on November 27th.

Reyes has cooperated with an FBI investigation into the circumstances of Epstein’s death, which remains shrouded in controversy one and a half years later. The 51-year old convict was incarcerated at the MCC for a narcotics charge when he crossed paths with Epstein, and he was curiously transferred out of Epstein’s cell to a private prison one day before the infamous pedophile’s apparent suicide.

Reyes has never spoke publicly about his interactions with Epstein, but his niece summarized his experiences in an interview with the New York Daily News published this week.

They were asking how Epstein was when he was in the cell, if he seemed suicidal. They were asking if he had any indication that he would do that. My uncle cooperated.

Reyes’ account of Epstein’s incarceration attests to him being exploited by inmates drawn by his wealth and corrupt correctional officers.

They knew how much money he had. They said let’s push him around and extort him for money. They thought they could get his money,” said Angelique Lopez, Reyes’ niece.

“(Staff) were treating him like crap. They were making him sleep on the floor. They wouldn’t let him sleep on a cot.

It’s not common for 51-year old men who are diagnosed with the coronavirus disease to die of it. Any information Reyes could provide as a potential witness to events days before Epstein’s death has now been quietly lost to history.

Recently, a third credible witness has attested to Bill Clinton making a trip to Epstein’s infamous “pedophile island” in the early 2000’s. Two other witnesses are were employed and trafficked by Epstein to the den of iniquity have also attested to personally seeing the 43rd President at Little St. James.

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