Jennifer Rubin Calls for Biden to Accuse Trump of Willingness to Kill People

Washington Post neoconservative pundit Jennifer Rubin called for Joe Biden to descend to a new political low in a Thursday tweet, stating that the presumptive Democratic nominee needed to accuse Donald Trump of “willingness to kill people.

Rubin has become increasingly unhinged in recent months, and now appears prepared to utilize the vicious vitriol she previously reserved for Bernie Sanders and his supporters on Donald Trump and his voters.

It goes without saying that Rubin’s call for Biden to attack Trump in such a sensational matter doesn’t even make sense. She’s framing Trump’s supposed willingness to kill people around the response to the coronavirus, but deaths from a naturally occurring virus are not the same thing as a president consciously choosing to kill people, let alone his own citizens.

Rubin has claimed that less Democrats will die of the Chinese coronavirus in the coming weeks and months because they’re supposedly less liable to conservative “misinformation” and will follow the experts. She seems to have missed that the coronavirus epidemic is most severe in reliably liberal and Democratic states such as New York, which has incurred the greatest individual share of American coronavirus casualties by far.

Joe Biden, to the extent that he has any power over his own campaign message and rhetoric, probably isn’t going to follow Rubin’s hysterical advice. Biden has avoided overtly political attacks against Trump involving the coronavirus, realizing that most Americans aren’t looking for everyday partisan politics in the midst of the historically unprecedented pandemic.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has admitted that President Trump has delivered in a meaningful fashion for his state, in any case. Perhaps Rubin should consider that Democratic governors are touting their fruitful cooperation with Trump before ascribing murderous intent to the President.


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