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Jesuit University in Mexico Hosts Pro-Abortion Event Despite Cancellation



Despite pro-life protests and a temporary cancellation, a Jesuit university in Mexico hosted a pro-abortion event last week.

Last Wednesday the ITESO (Western Institute for Technology of Education) – Jesuit University of Guadalajara hosted three pro-abortion speakers. Though the event was advertised as a “dialogue,” no pro-lifers were invited to speak. The event was called “Dialogue on the Right to Decide.”

The official Twitter account for ITESO (@ITESO), quoted the rector on Wednesday: “‘There is no greater respect than respect for the freedom of conscience’: José Morales Orozco, SJ, rector of

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“That makes it actually a purely pro-abortion act of proselytism,” Guadalajara resident Martín Alonso López told LifeSiteNews via email.

The pro-abortion speakers were Guadalupe Ramos, an activist from CLADEM (Comité de América Latina y El Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer), an organization that promotes abortion as a “woman’s right”; Karen Luna, an activist from GIRE (Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida), one of Mexico’s biggest feminist organizations; and María de la Luz Estrada, from Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir (“Catholics for Choice”), reported

The entire presentation can be viewed here:

López went on to say that the event had been organized by some students from international affairs and public administration and that the Rector of the University, a Jesuit priest by the name of José Morales Orozco, granted permission.

After several pro-life protests, an announcement was made on September 25th, that the event was officially canceled and pro-abortion activists blamed López.

“I don’t consider myself responsible for [the cancellation], but apparently the supporters of the event do consider me responsible,”  the young professional told LifeSiteNews.

“What I did was to post a series of tweets expressing my concerns about the Jesuits allowing that event on their campus,” López continued.  “I mentioned Cardinal Robles, the Archbishop of Guadalajara, and other pro-life activists. Soon after that, many people started to talk about the event on Twitter and Facebook and to ask the university to cancel the event.”

López says that pro-abortion faculty and students protested the decision and announced that the event would relocate to a public park. In the meantime, the university’s reasons for cancelling the event were deeply insulting to the faithful Christians who protested.

“They said that due to all the discussion related to the event, they could not warrant the safety of the [audience],” López said. “They wrote an official letter in which the pro-lifers were … depicted as a hate group.”

“I’m concerned about this: their decision was influenced by hypothetical violence from pro-lifers rather than by the opposition of abortion and the Catholic doctrine,” he added.

The event went on as planned, with the ITESO Twitter page announcing: “ The “The right to decide” forum will take place at the Pedro Arrupe Auditorium, SJ, today, at 4pm.

“The students said that if the university didn’t allow the event on campus, they were going to have it on the street anyway, and that the [Rector, José Morales Orozco, SJ] was going to be responsible if something bad happened to them.”

Fr. Orozco gave the opening speech at the pro-abortion event.

“He said he took the wrong decision when cancelling the event, but he was glad [that] they could finally have that dialogue, and again he spoke about hate groups,” López recalled.

“He also made a demonstration of his open mind by saying that the university is open to dialogue, and that one should respect another’s freedom of conscience,” the young man continued, “which actually meant that the morality of abortion depends on each one’s personal views and not on the objective fact that it ends the life on an innocent human being.”

López explained that those who advocated abortion avoided any discussion of the biological realities of unborn human life:

“They preferred a Marxist speech and sentimentality,” he stated.

This is not the first time the Jesuit university has encouraged abortion with ITESO’s “Magis” journal having recently published an article that argued for abortion from a Marxist perspective.

“Many students [at ITESO] are anything except devoted Catholics,” López said. “Some of them said on Twitter that the university doesn’t have any issues with having a pro-abortion event, since ‘it is not a Catholic university, it is a Jesuit university’, as if Jesuits weren’t Catholics.”

If you would like to respectfully address your concerns with the Jesuit University of Guadalajara you can contact:

Rector: Dr. José Morales Orozco, SJ.
Tel: (33) 36693434. Extensions 3530 and 3538.
[email protected]

Secretary: Dr. Juan Jorge Hermosillo Villalobos
Telephone (33)36693538 Extension 3538
[email protected]



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