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Jesus Excluded From Christmas Songs At Middle School Winter Concert



A parent in Chesterfield, Virginia, is showing concern after he was told that students would not be singing any Christmas songs with the word Jesus in them during upcoming concerts this winter.

David Allen said that he found out about the exclusion last week when his child, who attends Robious Middle School made him aware of the decision.

“It just seems like… everywhere you look everyone’s afraid of stepping on someone’s toes or everything is being so sensitive,” Allen said.

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Although this is not the first winter concert that Allen’s child has participated in, it is the first time the word Jesus has been excluded from songs featured by the school.

“They were unable to [sing this song] because the word Jesus was in there and apparently someone assumed it was of a sacred nature,” Allen said.

After speaking with his child, Allen emailed the chorus teacher.

In an email Allen sent to the teacher he wrote in part, “We had a few students who weren’t comfortable singing a piece I have done many times in the past, but it is of a sacred nature and does mention Jesus.”

“At the same time that I had gotten this information I had got a diversity notice from Robious Middle School regarding a club they have or a meeting,” Allen said.

According to the teacher’s email, after having spoken with school administrators it had been determined they would avoid singing anything of a direct sacred nature in order to be more sensitive to the increasing diverse population at the middle school.

Allen said that statement confuses him, “I’m trying to rationalize how you can encourage diversity and yet be exclusionary in one specific area.”

Allen admits to not knowing which Christmas song referencing Jesus was excluded, considering how many mention the name Jesus.

The Robious Middle School parent adds that although he has nothing against the teacher or the school, he is hoping this will lead to a new conversation about expanding student’s minds.

“They all can get a feel of each individual religion, ethnicity and nationality have to offer,” Allen said. “It’s a school, it’s a learning educational experience… I wouldn’t object to my children singing a Hindu songs during their celebratory period of time.”

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