Jewish Lawmaker Gives Powerful Testimony in Favor of Critical Race Theory, Saving the Curriculum in Wyoming

Wyoming state representative Andy Schwartz, a Jewish Democrat, invoked the holocaust in order to save critical race theory in his deep-red state.

Schwartz took the floor to give testimony in favor of critical race theory and was able to convince weak Republicans to reject the proposed ban of the anti-American, Marxist pseudohistorical curriculum.

“In this bill, page 9, line 19 states, ‘The teaching of history must be neutral, without judgment,’” Schwartz said.

“Now, how can that be possible? If I were a Native American, I doubt I could accept the neutral, judgment-free approach about the relocation, the decimation of the Indigenous population. If I were a Black American, I doubt I could accept a neutral, judgment-free approach on the enslavement of millions of Americans,” he continued.

“But I’m Jewish, and I cannot accept a neutral judgment-free approach on the murder of 6 million Jews in World War II,” Schwartz added.

Republican state representative Chuck Gray, the author of the bill, noted that Schwartz was lying about the bill language in his attempt to save critical race theory.

“It can be taught in a complete and accurate perspective,” he said regarding the Holocaust. “So clearly, the Holocaust is something that we totally disapprove of and condemn totally.”

However, Schwartz’s disingenuous gambit was ultimately successful. 24 legislators voted against advancing the bill, including many Republicans, and it did not obtain the two-thirds threshold needed to proceed.

“The House just defeated a bill that would have banned critical race theory in schools after a powerful speech by Representative Schwartz, a Jewish man who refuses to learn about the Holocaust in a neutral manner,” Democrat Representative Karlee Provenza said, crediting Schwartz’s manipulations for torpedoing the measure.

Big League Politics has reported on how Republicans in power have repeatedly failed to address critical race theory:

A whistleblower has emerged to reveal shocking news that the Texas state department is holding critical race theory indoctrination sessions for its employees.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) conducted a training for its employees that encompassed crucial tenets of critical race theory. The information was discovered by former state senator Don Huffines, who is challenging Abbott in a primary challenge for governor next year.

The DFPS course was titled, “Knowing Who You Are,” and forced employees to take a test rating them based upon their knowledge of marxist neologisms such as “Institutional Racism” and “White Privilege.” The 13,000 DFPS employees were also judged on their commitment to social justice.

They were also forced to endure a TedX talk from Dr. Camara Jones, an academic scribbler and affirmative action beneficiary who often pontificates on why health is racist.

“For any of us, it’s difficult for us to recognize any system of inequity that is privileging us. For example, it’s difficult for men to recognize male privilege and sexism. It’s difficult for white people in this country to recognize white privilege and racism,” said Jones. 

“Like institutionalized racism, it can be through acts of doing as well as acts of not doing. But even more important, [sic] it can be unintentional, as well as intentional. You don’t have to intend it to have a racist impact to do something racist, to have a racist impact,” she added.”

The Republican Party has failed America yet again, getting played by Democrats who openly hate the nation and want to see it transformed into the United States of Somalia.

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