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Jewish Worker Magazine Tries to Dox Cop with Molon Labe Tattoo, Calling Him a ‘Contemporary’ Fascist

This magazine’s values are clearly anti-American.



The Jewish Worker, a leftist cultural Marxist magazine, attempted to doxx a law enforcement official involved in arresting their law-breaking activists during #NeverAgainAction protests meant to block access to migrant detention centers.

The magazine tweeted a photo of the man with an incendiary caption.

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After receiving a tremendous deal of negative feedback in the aftermath of the post, the Jewish Worker doubled-down with more incendiary posts against American patriots.

The organization is promoting their “Never Again Action” events where they encourage and organize leftist activists to block migrant detention centers in protest of President Trump’s immigration policies.

The Jewish Worker also supports the ANTIFA terrorists who viciously attacked journalist Andy Ngo of Quillette in mob fashion in Portland this weekend.

The Jewish Worker, which is operated by an individual operating under the pseudonym Naftali Botwin, clearly does not represent pro-American values. Perhaps they should be placed on the domestic terror list next to their ANTIFA allies.

Violent Left

Rioters Overwhelm Brooklyn Police Precinct As Law Enforcement Retreats Once Again

The rioters took the building with ease.



Riotous George Floyd protestors appeal to have overwhelmed a police precinct in Brooklyn, with the New York Police Department abandoning the public building to the mob in a fashion akin to that of police in Minneapolis.

Several New York Police Department vehicles appear to have been damaged, destroyed or outright torched as rioters stage attacks on multiple police precincts throughout the borough. Initial reports indicate that an officer has been injured, with an ‘officer down’ radio call being made on the police radio network.

Another police precinct in Brooklyn is under attack by Floyd protestors.

Video filmed on Classon Ave in the borough showed more violence between rioters and the police, with members of the mob striking police vehicles and law enforcement appearing to hit one riotous demonstrator with a car door. More footage showed police vehicles completely surrounded by protestors.

Protestors originally congregated near the Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn, with aerial footage of the group appearing to reveal a crowd of protestors in the high hundreds, if not more than a thousand people. It appears that violence between police and rioters began shortly after the group met at the site, with footage showing aggressive brawls between New York Police Department officers and Floyd protestors/rioters.

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