Jihadi Immigrant From Bangladesh Arrested for Allegedly Plotting Massacre in Times Square

A Bangladeshi immigrant is being held without bail after allegedly plotting a terrorist attack on Times Square in New York City.

Ashiqul Alam, a 22-year-old native of Queens, is considered a lawful permanent U.S. resident despite being a citizen of Bangladesh. Instead of peacefully assimilating to U.S. society, he allegedly plotted a vicious massacre with accomplices that turned out to be federal agents.

He was caught last Thursday allegedly buying illegal guns with no serial numbers to use during his rampage, according to the charging papers. The documents also claim that he wanted to blow up the new World Trade Center “probably [with] a rocket launcher, like a huge one.”

Alam apparently held jihadis in high esteem, expressing a great deal of favor toward deceased 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden. He allegedly claimed Bin Laden’s “mission is a complete success, thousands of American soldiers died and trillions of their monies gone in the war.” He hoped his attack could build on Bin Laden’s legacy.

In a strange twist, Alam underwent Lasik eye surgery to improve his vision for his alleged Times Square attack. He was apparently very self-conscious of how he would be seen if he bumbled the massacre, fearing he would be known as the “Looney Tunes Terrorist” or the “Blind Terrorist.”

“Let’s say we are in an attack, right, say that my glasses fall off. What if I accidentally shoot you?” Alam allegedly said to an undercover officer according to a Brooklyn federal court filing.

He added: “You know what I mean. Imagine what the news channel would call me, the ‘Looney Tunes Terrorist’ or the ‘Blind Terrorist.’ ”

Prosecutor David Kessler noted during court proceedings that Alam had “taken specific steps to plan an attack” such as “research on Times Square and firearms, explosives.” His defense attorney noted that Alam was a criminal justice student at the City University of New York.

Legal immigrants such as Alam are who establishment-protecting Chamber of Koch lobbyists want to bring to the U.S. in record numbers.

“We commend the members of the House who voted to pass the American Dream and Promise Act, and we look forward to working with the Senate as it continues to address the issue of immigration reform. It is critical for both parties in both houses of Congress to come together on a path forward on immigration reform legislation,” U.S. Chamber of Commerce Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley said in a statement about recent passage of legislation to effectively legalize criminal aliens.

Lobbyists owned by the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers will gleefully open the flood gates to the third-world, including prospective jihadi terrorists like Alam, to overwhelm the U.S. if it helps their corporate profit margins.

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