Jihadi Who Planned Bombing by Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Gets Eight Years in Prison

Days before the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames, a radical Muslim Jihadi who was involved in a bombing plot outside of the cathedral was sentenced to eight years in prison for other offenses.

According to French authorities, Ines Madani, 22, was plotting to blow up a motor vehicle loaded with gas canisters near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. She was also recruiting a veritable terror network, facilitated by the encrypted-messaging app Telegram, to foment Muslim violence against the West.

Judge Isabelle Prevost-Desprez rejected Madani’s lawyer’s arguments that the ISIS recruit was “a girl in search of recognition and love” and not responsible for her own actions inciting terror.

“You had some autonomy in the management of your personality…. Your determination marks your dangerousness,” Prevost-Desprez said.

Madani will undergo a separate trial in September for her role in the bombing. She received eight years for incitement on April 12, and will likely receive even more prison time before her time in the French courts are through.

Despite Madani’s case being far from an isolated incident, French authorities and fake news hacks were quick to rule out any foul play being the result of yesterday’s catastrophe.

No evidence has been produced connecting radical Islam to the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, but French officials were suspiciously quick to call it an accident and absolve radical Islam from responsibility for the blaze.


Anchors on the veritably pro-Islam Fox News Network muted all discussion about what may have caused the attacks. Voices connecting the incident to a wave of church attacks across in France were aggressively censored by the globalist propaganda agency.

The wave of Muslim violence toward churches is a well-known phenomenon going back many years as the migrant invasion takes its toll on French culture:


As philosopher and pundit Stefan Molyneux explains, we may never get the full truth about what caused the Notre Dame Cathedral fire.




Although the truth may never be revealed, the fact that French courts are making an example of Madani and rejecting her lawyer’s calls for compassion is a great step forward. France may finally be ready to get serious about repelling the Islamic threat before everything they hold dear goes up in flames.

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