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JIHADIS: Atlanta Hospital Named As a Target of New Mexico Compound Couple Wahhaj and Leveille



According to newly released documents, two of the five people arrested in the New Mexico compound where children were allegedly being trained to carry out mass shootings had planned to attack a hospital in Atlanta.

Grady Memorial Hospital, located in Atlanta, Georgia, was named by one of the 11 emaciated children that were found on the compound during an August 3rd raid, as having been a target of Jany Leveille and her partner Siraj Ibn Wahhaj–both of which have metro Atlanta connections.

According to a document filed on Friday in Taos County, N.M. and obtained by Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), both Leveille and Wahhaj intended to confront “corrupt” individuals or institutions.

“A specific ‘corrupt’ institution named by one of the children was Grady Hospital,” according to the document.

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So why Grady Hospital? Leveille was upset with Grady “due to treatment she and her mother received there,” the document said.

August 26th, Lauren Pozen, reporter for WSB-TV Atlanta tweeted, “New Mexico compound suspects allegedly planned to attack “corrupt” institutions, including Grady Hospital in Atlanta — federal prosecutors have new evidence in the case – they want to see a judge’s decision that gave all suspects bond revoked. Suspects still in jail. ( 1 of 2 )”

The documents also reveal that the couple planned to “shoot or otherwise attack” those they were unable to persuade with their “message.”

Laura Loomer, with Big League Politics reported on August 9th, “One of the men who police arrested is Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, the son of the notorious Brooklyn, NYC Imam, Siraj Wahhaj who was found by prosecutors to be an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.”

The remains of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj’s son were discovered in a tunnel on the compound on August 6th, which would have been Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj’s fourth birthday. The little boy was reported missing from Clayton County in November of last year. The father had made comments to family members that the boy was in need of an exorcism, because according to Siraj Ibh Wahhaj, his son was “possessed by the Devil.”

Both Leveille and Siraj Ibn Wahhaj are charged with child abuse resulting in death and conspiracy to commit child abuse, reported. Those prosecuting Leveille said that Leveille and possibly other defendants in the case “may suffer from dangerous delusions” and “have (a) history of endangering the welfare of children.”

In the court filing on Friday, prosecutors in New Mexico are seeking to have all five of the suspects that were found at the compound to be held without bond.

The suspects in the case are Siraj Wahhaj, suspected of fleeing Georgia with his 3-year-old son Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, his sisters Hujrah and Subhannah Wahhaj, brother-in-law Lucas Morten, and Jany Leveille who was considered to be Wahhaj’s “Muslim wife.”

A New Mexico state district court judge granted all five suspects a $20,000 signature bond, but all remain in custody.

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