Jill Biden BLASTED For Comparing Hispanics To Tacos And Labeling Them “Latinx”

In case you missed it: First lady Jill Biden, speaking at the “Latinx IncluXion Luncheon,” compared the Hispanic American community to tacos, flowers, and glorified convenience stores.

More specifically, she told the audience that the diversity of its “Latinx” community is “as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio, is your strength.”

Jill Biden was apparently the “featured speaker” at the event, and was slated to speak about equity in education.


As one might expect, Jill Biden has been ridiculed for comparing U.S. Hispanics to breakfast tacos. On top of utterly butchering the pronunciation of the word “bodegas.”

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), for example, ripped into the first lady on Monday, accusing her of lacking cultural knowledge.

As they put it: “NAHJ encourages Dr. Biden and her speech writing team to take the time in the future to better understand the complexities of our people and our communities.”

“Our heritage as Latinos is shaped by various diasporas, cultures & food traditions. Do not reduce us to stereotypes,” the association continued. “We are not tacos.”

Twitter had a field day with this story. And many accounts found Monday to be an optimal time to bring up Jill Biden’s equally embarrassing 2021 episode of butchering the Spanish language.

Remember when the first lady enthusiastically told the crowd she was speaking to “Si, se pwodway!” when attempting to say “Si, see puede!” or “Yes, we can?”

With the utmost confidence, of course.


Ted Cruz’s senior communications advisor also joined in on Twitter to call out Jill Biden for her ridiculous comparison of Hispanics to tacos.

“This isn’t Veep,” Steve Guest said. “Which White House speechwriter just won a bet for getting the First Lady to say something like this?”

Senator Marco Rubio also changed his profile picture to a taco to mock the first lady.

Additionally, a lot of people called out the event Jill Biden spoke at entirely for its use of the word “Latinx.” A word that polls have consistently proved the vast majority of Hispanic Americans reject.

For example, Democrat Congressman Ritchie Torres recently blasted the New York Yankees for using the word.

In reference to a late May tweet that read “each year, more than 4,100 Latinx people die from gun violence in the U.S. and 13,300 are shot and wounded,” Torres responded with: “Never heard anyone locally use the term ‘Latinx.’”

“Does a majority of Hispanics actually use the term ‘Latinx’?” he continued. “If the answer is ‘no’, how did ‘Latinx’ come to be the term to use in government and Corporate America?”

The whole “Latinx” event with and without Jill Biden’s blunders will be remembered as a total embarrassment. One that will not pan out well with the Hispanic American community.

A boost Democrats desperately need come midterms 2022.

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