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Jill Stein, Yale, and the Cult of College Activism



Inside a Protestant Church in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, murmurs percolated through the room as former presidential candidate Jill Stein took center stage. The crowd was a mish-mash of prospective Yalies, politically active students, and older Stein supporters from New Haven pushing 70. After posing for selfies with a cluster of undergrads, Stein walked to the altar, silver hair brushed back, and started her speech about why all public colleges should be tuition-free.

But suddenly a voice erupted from the crowd.

“The party of the Left chooses to fight out of love!”

Hundreds of Yale students hissed and banged on the Church’s pews. Another student cried out, “It’s a tough time to be a Republican in America nowadays!” The hollers reverberated throughout the Church as students representing various political groups on campus jacked the event by staking their own soapboxes. Somehow, within a matter of minutes, a Jill Stein talk at Yale had become even more of a laughing stock.

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As the former Green Party candidate dived into a 15-minute tirade about free college education, there was hardly a moment free from commotion.

“I thank those standing up for our basic values of social economic justice!” Stein said to placate her antagonists.

The older Stein supporters looked around in bewilderment, horrified at the students’ behavior. The man behind me turned to his wife and asked, “Is anyone filming this?”

The contents of Stein’s speech were as polarizing as her audience’s behavior. Expounding on what she called a “Green New Deal,” Stein warned that “Pearl Harbor is small potatoes” compared to the current refugee crisis. She talked about wanting to impose an arms embargo on the Middle East, tax Wall Street, and bankroll a 70-billion-dollar per year plan to make all public universities free.

“This is not about throwing up our hands and saying, ‘Okay, terrorists, you take over.’ This is about creating effective policy.”

“It’s really critical that we liberate young people from this incredible debt of higher education. If you’re going to survive, you need post-secondary education. This privatized system is just not working. Thank you Joe Biden for creating this system that doesn’t have bankruptcy protection.”

Although it was difficult to make out much of what Stein was saying at the onset, it became easier as the event wore on: every twenty-minutes a third of the audience left in mass.

Following Stein’s speech, students came onstage to debate her points.

“College is not the new high school and we are setting ourselves up for failure thinking otherwise,” asserted an undergrad representing campus Republicans. “Ms. Stein will probably be back here immediately after her plans are implemented asking the state to pay for grad school.”

“All schools already pay students to go to grad school!” a student incorrectly yelled.

“It’s not just rich kids who go to Yale!” shouted another attendee.

Davis Richardson is a writer whose work has appeared in Vice, Nylon Magazine, and Capitol File. Follow him on Twitter @davisoliverr


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Conservative Hall Monitor Ben Shapiro: ‘Nothing Has Been Accomplished’ in North Korea



An avowed NeverTrumper and generally annoying “conservative” commentator is not celebrating one of the greatest diplomatic feats of our lifetime.

“Pre-emptive celebration of a Great Victory by the president is sheer partisan hackery,” tweeted Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro. “Nothing has been accomplished…yet. Perhaps it will be. Celebrate then.”

But what about the North Korean government’s willful destruction of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site during peace talks between countries? What about those three hostages North Korea freed during the same time? What about the top North and South Korean leaders holding talks at the DMZ for only the third time in history? What about opening up diplomatic relations between the United States and the world’s most isolated country?

None of those things count as accomplishments in the eyes of Ben Shapiro, conservative moral arbiter and so-called “voice of reason.”

The Trump/Kim summit in itself is an accomplishment, one that even Democrats had to acknowledge. Even Time magazine called it a “genuine victory.” But not Shapiro. And not his neoconservative buddies like Matt Walsh, who compared the summit to the rise of Hitler. Why be optimistic about peace?

Shapiro has been tweeting up a storm since yesterday about how patriotic Americans are wrong for viewing last night’s summit as a step towards peace in the Korean Peninsula.

“Imagine the Nazi flag in place of the North Korean flag,” he said. “Kim is the closest thing to Hitler on the planet today. We put our flag alongside his, and Trump praised him fulsomely. That better reap some dividends.”

“If we receive nothing but empty words and a photo op between the most powerful leader in the world and an evil tinpot dictator who murders his own family members, that’s a true disgrace to the American flag,” he continued.

But we have already “reaped dividends.” What else would one call the freeing of hostages and destruction of a nuclear test facility?

Of course, none of this is meant to lionize the Kim regime or suggest that our work is finished. North Korea has promised denuclearization before.

But negotiations require give-and-take, and America has already taken some rewards. The ultimate prize is peace, which can only be accomplished through diplomacy. Shapiro cannot seem to wrap his head around what a fruitful negotiation looks like.

“Virtually all of the people cheering loudly today for the Trump/Kim meeting would have SAVAGED Obama for the same exact meeting — and vice versa,” he said.

But that is flat wrong. When Obama “negotiated” with Iran, America received nothing at all. Before sending pallets of cash to Iran and receiving a promise of denuclearization, Obama did not receive a single assurance. No freed hostages. No demolition of nuclear sites. Nothing. The average American (or the “people cheering loudly” as Shapiro calls them) understand this dynamic. Obama capitulated to Iran without any assurances, before or after signing the dotted line.

There are other forces at play that give Trump leverage over the Kim regime. UN Sanctions on oil and coal exported from China to North Korea, combined with a moratorium on North Korean imports, are crushing the Hermit Kingdom.

“The trucks [of Chinese goods] are increasingly coming back empty,” said a New York Times piece from September. “And that could present a potential weak point that the Trump administration and others could exploit, if China is willing to go along, as they look for ways to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.”

Even the New York Times gets it! But not Shapiro.

Trump is sending a loud and clear message to Kim. Play ball, or the sanctions stay in place. Kim understands that those sanctions are a death sentence.

But you (stupid Trump supporter) are supposed to believe Shapiro (“smart conservative”) when he says that this deal mirrors the Iran deal.

And that is the crux of the matter. Shapiro truly believes that Trump is stupid, and that Trump’s supporters are even more stupid. In Shapiro’s eyes, Trump could not possibly have a plan, and if Trump does have a plan it will never work.

Influential Trump supporters are quickly losing patience with Shapiro.

“Is Ben Shapiro actually mad at [Trump] for meeting Kim, something that no other politician could do?” asked YouTube star and commentator Ashton Whitty. “The level of annoying this elf is getting is absolutely ridiculous.”

“Ah, good to see Ben has become a full neoliberal and adopted the ‘Everyone I don’t like is Hitler” argument,’ said Breitbart reporter Charlie Nash.

“Shapiro BLASTS Summit — ‘Treating Kim Jong Un As Leader Is Wrong,’ said radio show host Wayne Dupree. “You would think some of these so-called leaders of the ‘conservative movement’ had money on Trump failing.”

Even Shapiro’s own reporters disagree with him.

“To those saying we received nothing in negotiations with North Korea: we already received our American prisoners and DPRK committed to denuclearization,” said Daily Wire writer Kassy Dillon. “It’s too early to be making blanket statements. It is still progress. We’ll see what happens.”

Expecting Shapiro to come around and support the most conservative president in his lifetime, and probably yours? Don’t bet on it. The NeverTrump is nearly impossible to wash out. It will follow Shapiro for a lifetime.

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Marvel Comics’ 2018 Strategy: Less White Males

They clearly hate conservatives.



To the far-left, there’s nothing worse than white males. To them, everything wrong in the world is blamed on their whiteness, and there is no way to get over those ills until the white man is forcefully oppressed. Just watch any video from Buzzfeed on race for examples of these claims being thrown around.

The leftists at Buzzfeed have been spreading these anti-white claims  for many years, and because of people like them, that same rhetoric has been spread into more mainstream institutions. And as it turns out, the comic book industry is not immune.

While speaking to CBS This Morning, Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief C.B. Cebulski stated that going forward the company is dedicated to increasing diversity both in their comic book characters, and in their staffing, stating:

“We’re 100 percent committed to diversity…Marvel is the world outside your window and we want not only our characters but our creative talent to reflect that world and it hasn’t been an easy road to be honest with you. Going back to the 60s when Marvel were created it was created by a number of white men here in New York City who were working in our studio… But now, we do not have any artists that work in Marvel. All our writers and artists work — are freelancers that live around the world so our talent base has diversified almost more quickly than our character base has.”

Diversity has long been a contentious topic in the comic book industry, and in Marvel comics in particular. Just last year, a Senior Vice President of Marvel caught flack when he pointed out that decreased sales numbers likely had to do with more diverse characters flopping with their fans compared to more established characters.

It was the scandal around the diversity comments that led towards Marvel taking such a strong position on increased diversity.

It’s no secret that comic books are largely consumed by white males. Looking at any picture from a comic book convention is proof of that. Despite this, Marvel is highly dedicated to increasing diversity in comic books, which, in the eyes of many in the comic book community, is simply Marvels way of saying that comics are too white and too male.

Comic book creator Chuck Dixon recently spoke with Bounding Into Comics to mirror that belief:

“Diversity is code for ‘comics are too male and white, right?’” Dixon stated. “What gave them that right to decide that for their audience. And, trust me, that’s what this is about, making up their audience’s mind FOR them. There”s no real tolerance here. No real diversity. You take their brand of indoctrination or hit the pike. And millions of readers have chosen the pike.”

Dixon has a long history in the comic book industry, co-creating the wildly successful Bane comic for D.C. Comics. Despite his popularity, Dixon has been blacklisted from Marvel Comics for over 15 years for political differences.

His blacklisting isn’t very surprising considering how liberal Marvel has been in many of their comics. They have even gone so far as to demonize conservatives in their comic books, often giving their villains right-wing political positions.

As reported by Bounding Into Comics:

“But if anyone who has actually been reading and following Marvel Comics over the past few years, Marvel has been anything but diverse and reflecting the “world outside your window.” One of the worst examples of this is Marvel writer Nick Spencer. Spencer was given a number of Captain America books to write and he took the opportunity to attack conservative and libertarian values and ideas.

In the first issue of Captain America: Sam Wilson, Nick Spencer decides to turn the long-time Captain America villains the Sons of the Serpent into conservatives who love the United States, believe in the Constitution, and are against illegal immigration.

Spencer wouldn’t stop there. In Sam Wilson: Captain America #5, he would malign exceptionalism, hard work, and free markets.

But maybe Spencer’s most egregious attack was an attempt to destroy the entire brand of Captain America by turning Steve Rogers into an Agent of Hydra, Marvel’s equivalent to Nazis.

Spencer isn’t the only one at Marvel who has used the publisher as a political platform.

In Spider-Gwen Annual #1, writer Jason Latour and artist Chris Visions imagine President Trump as M.O.D.A.A.K. or Mental Organism Designed As America’s King. The character is a riff on the Marvel villain known as M.O.D.O.K. or Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. The story sees Spider-Gwen team up with an alternate reality version of Captain America to beat up the President Trump look alike.”

So this new move by Marvel likely has more to do with advancing the far-left agenda of demonizing white males in America than actually promoting “diversity.” I wonder if they are going to promote intellectual diversity, and create a comic with a conservative super hero?

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Deep State

Radio Show Host to Ben Shapiro: ‘You Were MIA When We Needed You’



Last week, a radio show host slammed ardent #NeverTrump “conservative” Ben Shapiro for his fence-sitting during the 2016 election.

“When we needed you, Ben, with your millions of YouTube viewers, and your millions of listeners, and your brand new radio show – when we needed you to help us stand up against Obama and the Democrats and Clinton – you were MIA, man,” said Rich Logis of the Rich Logis show.

“You were nowhere to be found. You were in the comfort of your cozy recording studio, doing this whole ‘right to be right’ thing and saying you’re a principled constitutional conservate. Well guess what, Ben. Principled, constitutional conservatism wouldn’t have meant a damn thing – it would have breathed its last breaths had Hillary Clinton gotten elected.”

“Why is it that Ben Shapiro gets a pass for his devout Never Trumper-ism?” Logis asked. “See the thing about Ben is that he’s a smart guy. But here’s the thing about ‘smarts’ in politics. It sounds good in theory, but the cleanliness of theory is really no match for the mess of reality. Ben’s conservatism is rock solid. He’s pro-life, he’s staunch for free enterprise, and he’s all about state’s rights. He declared his Never Trumperism because he wants to remain neutral.”

Logis argues that in reality, being a Never Trumper equals being a Democrat. His reasoning is that there is no such thing as true neutrality in a free society.

“Everybody is on a side, whether they like it or not, whether they realize it or not, and whether they know it or not,” Logis said. “I want you to know, Ben, it’s not personal. It’s strictly business.”

Logis is right. With Shapiro, it is strictly business. Shapiro’s anti-Trump sentiment makes financial sense. His site, Daily Wire is owned by fracking billionaires Dan and Farris Wilks, who have been Ted Cruz supporters since 2015. The brothers donated $15 million to a pro-Cruz super PAC. Never Trumpism has been a death sentence for media outlets like RedState, who laid off a massive amount of staff last week. But with billions behind an operation like Daily Wire, there will be no shortage of cash to support their poisonous anti-Trump babble. At one point, Daily Wire was in talks to acquire Never Trumper Glenn Beck’s site, The Blaze. Shapiro pitches his Never Trump attitude as holding to “conservative principles.” That may be his motivation, money talks in politics as it does in every other industry.

In any case, Logis elucidated the frustrations that many Trump supporters have with the old guard, traditional “conservatives.” They are simply not willing to fight – to sling mud in order to win. In their view, it’s a compromise of their precious principles. It’s precisely the reason why conservatism has failed to conserve anything in the last 50 years. Politics is a contact sport, and those who are unwilling to fight will be run over.

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