Jim Jordan Gives Inspiring Speech As Freedom Caucus Takes The House Floor

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan delivered a galvanizing speech as the House Freedom Caucus took the House floor Tuesday evening to fight for President Donald Trump’s border wall. The government shutdown continues as Democrats refuse to offer $5.7 billion to build Trump’s wall.

“Today’s left has taken the most radical positions in American history,” Jordan said, citing left-wing support for Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem, for Maxine Waters’ call to harass Trump administration officials in public, and Andrew Cuomo’s dismissive remarks about America never being that great.

“Today’s left thinks America is just another country,” Jordan said. “Mr. Speaker, the United States of America is not just another country.”

Jordan called America “A special place where people from all over the world…come to so they can chase down their goals, chase down their dreams…a special place where people come and respect the Constitution, cherish the Bill of Rights, and embrace the rule of law.”

“Mr. Speaker this is not just a fight about a border security wall. It’s bigger than that.”

“The House Freedom Caucus and House Republicans stand with our president.”

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