Jimmy Kimmel Writer Immediately Blames Trump Supporters For “Suspicious Packages” Without Evidence

A writer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” wasted no time blaming President Donald J. Trump and his supporters for mailing suspicious packages to George Soros, Hillary R. Clinton, Barack H. Obama and the CNN offices in New York.

“We’re calling this person the Magabomber. Pass it on. Then vote.” said Bess Kalb.

“I write for TV and awards shows and my novel is being published by Knopf,” says Kalb’s Twitter bio.

According to her website, she also writes for The New Yorkers “Daily Shouts.”

“She received a WGA Award in 2016. She wrote for Emmy Awards in 2012 and 2016 and for the Academy Awards in 2017 and 2018. She contributed jokes for Hillary Clinton’s Al Smith Dinner speech, costing her the election,” the site says, perhaps more truthfully than she understands.

Use it. Equate this the way it absolutely should be,” she continued.

“If you don’t think branding wins elections I have about 65 million hats to show you,” she finished.

Many people see the situation differently from Kalb after viewing a photo of the alleged devise posted by CNN.

Big League Politics reported:

The device sent to CNN appears to have ISIS markings on it, according to multiple close observers on Twitter.

Below is the device delivered to CNN. (READ: Package Sent To CNN Was Never Postmarked).

The motive for sending the devises, as well as the culprit, have yet to be identified.


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