Joe Biden Announces Plan to Take Executive Action on Americans’ Right to Bear Arms

On April 8, 2021, President Joe Biden will announce a number of executive orders that deal with gun control.

According to a report from The Hill, White House press secretary Jen Psaki revealed at a press conference on April 7 that Biden plans on tacking gun control the following day. Though Psaki did not go into any further details about the specific details surrounding the executive orders.

Per a Politico report, Biden’s orders will concentrate on cracking down on so-called “ghost guns.” Following mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, Colorado, Democrats have screeched for the current set of gun control laws at the federal level to be expanded upon. Namely, they want tightened background checks, “assault weapons” bans, gun registration, etc. At the moment, the Biden administration is prioritizing its gargantuan infrastructure bill, which has left some gun controllers unhappy. 

Additionally, it remains to be seen whether Congress will be able to pass some of the items on their anti-Second Amendment wish list. Not all Democrats are on the same page due to some of them representing states with strong gun cultures, think Arizona, Georgia, and West Virginia. Not to mention the fact that Gun Control Inc. needs at least 10 Republicans to cross over the aisle in order to implement gun control. 

Nevertheless, the Right should stay vigilant. Any overreach by the Biden administration can be used in the 2022 Primaries and 2024 General Election as a way for candidates to stand out and activate angry voters.

Regardless of what the doubters say, the Second Amendment remains an issue that voters hold dearly and such assaults on this fundamental right can rightly be used to humiliate offending politicians during election season. 

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