Joe Biden Attacks Donald Trump and Republican Party For Blocking Bipartisan Immigration Deal

During a fundraising event on March 21, 2024, President Joe Biden criticized Republican leaders on border security and immigration matters. 

Biden largely focused on criticizing former President Donald Trump for helping capsize a bipartisan border security program that Biden claims will help enforce current immigration laws.

The sitting president claimed that the legislation would have created jobs for 1,500 additional border security agents, 100 additional immigration judges, and 4,300 additional asylum officers to take on backlogged asylum cases. 

The president informed donors at a lavish mansion in the River Oaks section of Houston that Trump and his Republican colleagues scuttled  the deal out of fear it would give the Biden regime a political victory. Biden warned that if Trump comes out victorious in November, it will generate additional chaos at the border and the entire immigration system.

“Unlike Trump, I’m not going to demonize immigrants,” Biden remarked. “I will not say immigrants are ‘poisoning the blood’ of this nation.  I will not call immigrants from Mexico ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers.’  I will not separate families.” 

Trump’s campaign said before Biden’s visit that Biden is the one responsible for causing the situation at the border. 

“Texas is on the front lines of the Biden Border Crisis, but instead of working to stop the flow of deadly fentanyl and migrant crime, Joe Biden is rubbing elbows with elite donors,” declared Michael Whatley, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The Biden regime has taken a pseudo-immigration restriction position to try to stave off Trump’s growing momentum at the polls.

Immigration is becoming a bigger problem in recent years. United States Customs and Border Protection reported in 2023 that they encountered over 2.4 million people at the border with Mexico, a new record for an entire year. In December, CBP recorded over 300,000 crossings, a new record for a whole month.

The numbers don’t lie. Biden is facilitating an illegal immigration invasion. He’s just merely deflecting attention away from this uncomfortable fact. 

Only an America First candidate can reverse this disaster. Trump has his flaws but he’s the closest thing to a national populist who will get America’s immigration matters sorted out. 

From there, America Firsters will need to nominate worthy successors to get the country’s immigration house in order. 

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