Joe Biden Buries Bernie in Mississippi and Missouri

Joe Biden has been projected as the winner of the Missouri and Mississippi Democratic primaries, having been called to win the states on the basis of exit polls conducted as polling places closed for the days.

The exit polls have Biden winning the southern states by large margins. Biden is projected to win Missouri by twenty percentage points, and in Mississippi by a whopping sixty percentage points.

Biden was expected to win the southern states, on the basis of his strong appeal to Black Democrats and previous showings in the south of Super Tuesday.

The outcome of the primaries in Michigan and Washington could ultimately end the campaign of Bernie Sanders, if he fails to secure wins in the states.

Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington are the states that conduct primaries today. Democrats Abroad are also holding an online international primary.

Biden’s buffed margin of victory will also advance him on a path to win an outright majority of delegates for the Democratic convention, ending the primary earlier and avoiding the prospect of a convention battle. Bernie Sanders has pledged to drop out if Joe Biden wins a plurality of delegates.

Results from the key state of Michigan may not be conclusively known until Wednesday at the latest. The Michigan Secretary of State has indicated vote counts won’t be conclusive until tomorrow, raising questions regarding election integrity after the Iowa fiasco from some Democrats.


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