Joe Biden Claims “Democracy is at Stake” Following Giorgia Meloni’s Victory in Italy

United States President Joe Biden is using Giorgia Meloni’s victory on September 25, 2022 in her bid to become Italy’s first prime minister to warn about the dangers western democracies are allegedly facing. 

During a fundraising event for the Democratic Governors Association on September 28, Biden said You just saw what’s happened in Italy in that election. You’re seeing what’s happening around the world. The reason I bother to say that is you can’t be sanguine about what’s happening here, either.”

Meloni leads the Brothers of Italy party, which picked up 26% of the vote. A center-right coalition picked up about 44% of the vote, of which the Brothers of Italy will be working with to build a functioning governing coalition. 

In winning this election, Meloni became Italy’s first woman prime minister. 

Meloni received praise from several members of the European populist Right. French populist leader Marine Le Pen praised Meloni for standing against “the threats of an antidemocratic and arrogant European Union.” In Spain, Santiago Abascal, the leader of the nationalist Right Vox party, declared on Twitter that Meloni “has shown the way for a proud and free Europe of sovereign nations that can cooperate on behalf of everybody’s security and prosperity.”

The praise Meloni has received from elements of the populist Right has only confirmed Biden’s fears. “It’s awful hard to reach a consensus in [a] short amount of time,” he declared. 

According to a Yahoo News report, Biden expressed his lament at this fundraising event and prior events on that day about the disappearance of globalist Republicans such as Bob Dole and John McCain, who largely co-signed the managerial class’s universalist and anti-Historic America agenda during their respective times in office. 

Biden, along with Democratic allies in the media, have been sounding the alarms about a supposed rise in “fascism” across America. They’re under the impression that if Republicans start winning elections that the country will descend into right-wing tyranny.

“We have got to win,” Biden stated. “We need to keep control of the Congress, to state the obvious.”

The fears of “fascism” rising in America are part and parcel of the delusional ravings of Democratic leaders and their media allies. The fact is that these people hate any form of genuine opposition to their agenda. 

The funny part is that many Republicans are actually quite willing to cohabitate with Democrats. It’s the more nationalist element of the GOP that Biden and his ilk fear. And for good reason.

The populist Right wants nothing to do with globalism and will work diligently to bust up Open Borders Inc, the anti-White industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, and the sexual deviancy cult. For that reason, the neoliberal social engineers will be losing their minds about this rise in populism.

By no means, should we be letting off the pressure with Democrats growing more fearful of our agenda. This is a sign that our ideas are making the ruling class sweat.

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