Joe Biden Claims That Dumping Billions of Military Aid Into Israel and Ukraine Will Keep the United States Safe

Joe Biden recently called on Americans to stand in solidarity with Israel and Ukraine in a national address to the nation. 

He made the case that supporting the two nations was for the benefit of US national security. This was part of his argument for a $100 billion military aid bill for the two countries. He declared that the package would be a “smart investment that’s going to pay dividends for American security for generations”. 

This national address that Biden made from the Oval Office came the day following Biden’s trip to Tel Aviv to manifest his support for the Israeli government while it conducts ground operations in Gaza. Hamas launched a vicious terrorist attack on October 7, 2023 against Israel which has ratcheted up geopolitical tensions in the Middle East like no other. 

During his visit to Tel Aviv, Biden likely gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the green light to execute ground operations in Gaza, while also calling on the Israeli leader to protect the lives of innocent civilians.

Washington is addicted to war. There’s not a foreign conflict the ruling class wants to get its dirty paws in. These people have an America Last energy to them where the interests of Middle Americans are completely ignored, while ethnic lobbies, defense companies, and foreign countries receive hefty benefits at the average American’s expense. 

This is an illegitimate political order if there ever was one. Hopefully, America First forces are able to wrest power away from these parasites and impose their rational governing vision on the rest of the country. If not, America will fall down the inevitable path of imperial decline and disappear into the civilizational ether.

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