Joe Biden Claims the Only Way He’ll Lose the Election is Through “Polling Place Chicanery”

Democratic nominee Joe Biden questioned the integrity of the November election during a campaign stop in Erie, Pennsylvania on Saturday, arguing that the only way he would lose the election would be through suppression of polling places.

It’s unclear what exact “chicanery” the former Vice President was speaking of. He may be referencing what he views as voter intimidation tactics by his opponents at polling places, the denial of additional polling places in lawsuits from state Democratic parties, or what he alleges to be outright voter fraud for the benefit of Donald Trump.

President Trump has called for election integrity advocates to monitor polling places for any improprieties, a totally legal practice with longstanding precedent. Philadelphia poll workers have sought to illegally eject polling monitors from places of voting.

Mainstream media organizations have regularly attacked President Trump for what they allege to be undermining the election’s credibility. The President has frequently questioned the accuracy and security of mass mail-in balloting systems, many of which competitive states are using in an election for the first time as a result of the coronavirus.

Biden should apologize for his attack on the credibility of the election and state to the American people that the results are more than likely to be accurate and honest.

The Biden campaign has struggled to draw serious crowds for a presidential candidate at in-person events, raising serious doubts as to Biden’s certain confidence in his victory in a fair election.

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