Joe Biden Floats Presidential Ticket With Robert Francis O’Rourke

Anonymous advisors to Joe Biden now hope on fronting off a challenge for the Democratic nomination from Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke by relegating him to the Vice Presidential slot, according to the Associated Press.

Sidelining O’Rourke as a mere Vice Presidential candidate seems to be the means by which Biden’s close supporters and advisors intend to answer the questions surrounding a man of his age pursuing the Presidency. Biden would be 77 on Election Day, surpassing Donald Trump by more than five years to become the oldest man ever to assume the Presidency.

Many had wondered if 2020 would be the election in which the Democratic Party would finally accept a transfer of power to a new generation of political figures, instead of clinging to the same establishment politicians such as Biden and incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for decades.

If Biden’s team is successful in getting their way, the legacy and longtime politician would be handed the reigns in spite of a perceived desire for new leadership. Biden began his career as a national politician all the way back in 1973 as Delaware’s U.S Senator, running several failed Presidential campaigns while serving in that role, until becoming Barack Obama’s Vice President.

A Biden-O’Rourke ticket would also mean that the Democratic Party would be nominating two white males for the Presidency in an age where conversation within the party frequently revolves around derision for that very demographic. Seeing Democrats hand off presidential nominations to two ‘white men’ would be ironic, considering that the very term itself is often used as an insult in progressive circles. 

It seems that a desire to sideline ‘Beto,’ a celebrity Democratic media heartthrob, won’t go over easily with his passionate and devoted followers. A battle between the ‘White Obama’ face of the new Democratic Party and a figure associated with its legacy establishment could be looming in the upcoming Democratic Presidential primary.

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