Joe Biden Humble Brags About Giving Money to a Homeless Woman

Joe Biden took an opportunity to congratulate himself for giving money to a homeless woman when speaking to a gathering of Delaware Democrats on Sunday.

Biden claims that he “stopped his driver” while en route to the event upon seeing the struggling individual, so that he could give her “whatever was in his pocket.

The crowd reacted to Biden’s account of his own generosity with applause, and the former Vice President hilariously made the clarification that “it wasn’t about me,” seconds after recounting his supposed act of generosity in front of the crowd.

It’s great that someone like Biden, or let alone anyone who can afford a full-time “driver,” would choose to donate some money to struggling Americans. That doesn’t mean Biden deserves endless congratulations, or points for his presidential campaign. If the donation even occurred(which some who heard the speech doubt), then he’d be better off keeping it private.

Biden went on to make the claim that he’d have the most progressive record of any candidate running, should he go on to announce a widely expected Presidential campaign seeking the Democratic nomination for President.

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