Joe Biden Insults 56 Percent of Voters Who Claim They’re Economically Better Off Under Trump Than Obama

Joe Biden has once again drawn attention for one of his remarks, stating that 56 percent of voters who claim they are in a better economic position under Donald Trump than Barack Obama do not have a good memory and should not even consider voting for him.

The Democratic presidential candidate made the remark during an interview with WKRC Cincinnati reporter Kyle Inskeep following a campaign event.

“Gallup reported last week [that] 56 percent of Americans said that they were better off today than they were four years ago. So why should people who feel that they’re better off today, under the Trump administration, vote for you?” Inskeep asked Biden.

“Well, if they think that, they probably shouldn’t,” Biden answered. “They think — 54 percent of the American people are better off economically today than they were under our administration? Well, their memory is not very good, quite frankly.”

The five-minute interview also discussed Biden’s thoughts on the close nature of the race, his position on packing the Supreme Court, and a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

One can arguably describe Joe Biden’s presidential campaign as not much more than a continual series of gaffes and questionable remarks. This remark isn’t nearly as shocking or reprehensible as Hillary Clinton’s “Deplorables” insult that labeled half the country irredeemable bigots, of course. But any time a presidential candidate negatively paints a majority of the electorate with a broad brush, it should be noted and called out.

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