Joe Biden LASHES OUT At Reporter For Asking Hunter Biden Question After Electoral College Press Conference

A member of the media had the audacity to ask Joe Biden a question about the ongoing federal corruption investigation into Hunter Biden, and from the sound of it, he didn’t like it.

Biden had been speaking about electoral college proceedings and his supposed win in the 2020 presidential election.

Thanks for the con-thanks for the congratulations, appreciate it!

Seconds ago, a member of the media had actually dared to ask Biden about his son’s corruption. “Mr. Biden, when did you find out your son is being investigated?

A fair question, considering the Biden campaign had only admitted that Hunter Biden was under federal investigation last week. It’s likely that the Bidens had known that the Biden son was under investigation for shady business deals in Ukraine during the 2020 election, when contents from Hunter Biden’s laptop implicated the senior Biden in his activities.

Biden has largely avoided any skepticism or criticism from the media for his son’s corruption. He dismissed a question about Hunter’s laptop during the campaign as nothing more than a “smear campaign,” and the Biden family never confirmed the contents of the device were authentic, even after they were verified.

Biden might prove unable to avoid questions and scrutiny about Burisma and Hunter Biden corruption if he’s inaugurated, with the media unable to keep the focus of political attention exclusively on Donald Trump.


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