Joe Biden Makes Trip to Houston To Beg For Campaign Donations

On March 21, 2024, President Joe Biden visited Houston to beg lucrative, private donors to bankroll his 2024 presidential re-election bid. 

After Biden and former President Donald Trump recently secured their respective party nominations, both have focused on fundraising for their presidential campaigns. 

Texas is still a solid Republican state, however Democrats still use it to slowly whittle away at GOP margins and also to extract big donor dollars, owing to the emergence of a new economic oligarchy that the state’s recent growth has created. 

For example, in 2020, Texas donors doled out over $108 million to the presidential campaigns. Donors in New York ($141 million) and California ($290 million) have bested these numbers

Trump hauled in $59 million from Texas donors in 2020, while Biden hauled in $32 million. 

Houston is a critical point for both the Biden and Trump campaigns’ fundraising apparatus. Per the non-profit Center for Responsive Politics’ figures, in 2020 Biden hauled in $11 million from the Houston metropolitan area alone, which is close to double what Clinton raised in 2016. Trump raked in $16 million from the Houston metro area in 2020. This represented a fourfold increase of what he raked in 2016 in Houston when he was mostly reliant on self-financing. 

In 2024, Biden raised slightly over $2 million in Texas for his 2024 presidential re-election bid per the Federal Election Commission. For February, the Biden campaign raised over $53 million nationally and currently has $155 million in its war chest. 

The Democratic Party is clearly the part of big money. With how financialized and migration dependent the American economy has become, its economic elites will naturally align with the Democratic Party — the party of unapologetic globalism.

To break the backs of this corrupt elite, immigration restriction, sound money, and economic nationalism must be implemented at the national level as soon as possible.

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