Joe Biden Opens Fire on Bernie Sanders With Obama-Themed South Carolina Ad

Struggling to stay above water in the Democratic primary, Joe Biden is finally hitting back at party frontrunner Bernie Sanders with a new commercial that’s being widely advertised in the crucial primary state of South Carolina.

The ad largely takes aim at Sanders for his cool relations with former President Barack Obama. It specifically points out an aborted plan to primary President Obama in the 2012 election, quoting a statement from Sanders encouraging such an effort, perhaps hinting that he’d do it himself.

Watch the ad here:

Democrats opposed to Sanders have been increasingly questioning what they see as an abundance of internecine attacks between moderate members of the party running for President, while it appears that Sanders may be set to run to the nomination after a huge Nevada caucus win. Biden’s ad could signal that establishment Democrats are finally pulling out all the stops.

It raises some serious questions about Biden’s campaign strategy that his crucial, late-game ad largely relies upon Washington campaign politics from 2011. One would think Biden would be making a case for his role in the future of the Democratic Party, as opposed to trying and ride the Obama legacy.

Sanders did make some short-lived noise about possibly challenging Obama from the left in the 2012 Democratic Primary. The notion was quickly shut down when then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid put Sanders into line.

It also is unclear why Biden has made the Obama legacy such an integral part of his campaign when Obama himself has thus far declined to endorse him for President.

At this rate, with Biden losing big in the first three primary and caucus states and having his lead significantly erode in his firewall state of South Carolina, he appears set to ride the Obama legacy of the good old days straight to defeat.

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