Joe Biden Planning On Blitz of Gun Control Executive Orders If Inaugurated

Joe Biden staffers are speaking of a tentative list of gun control executive orders if the Democrat is inaugurated. Biden has claimed victory, as final results of the 2020 election are disputed in various courts.

Biden policy director Stef Feldman pledged that the Democrat candidate would enact “big, bold” executive orders pertaining to “gun violence,” a term Democrat PR professionals have substituted for the traditional terminology of “gun control.

It’s expected that Biden will seek to use executive orders to ban the importation of so-called assault weapons. It’s all but impossible that a President Biden could ram through a ban of assault weapons through the Senate, but a president could hypothetically use executive trade powers to prevent the importation of these firearms. Such a ban would restrict US gun owners to using firearms already in the country, most notably restricting the importation of Soviet-originating firearms into the country.

Biden accepted the endorsement of anti-gun fanatic Beto O’Rourke during the Democratic primary, a far-left Texan who ran on a policy platform of actively confiscating legally-owned assault rifles from law-abiding Americans. Biden himself has been hesitant to embrace such an unconstitutional and divisive policy, even though he poached O’Rourke’s former campaign manager after the low-polling candidate dropped out of the race.

Biden may very well go much further than Barack Obama in pushing gun control and confiscation policies, potentially surpassing the last Democrat president and making himself the de facto greatest gun salesman in American history.

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