Joe Biden Planning Sham Imitation Presidential Briefings

Joe Biden is reportedly preparing to start giving imitation Presidential briefings, seeking the steal the thunder from the real press briefings President Trump has been giving on a regular if not daily basis since the beginning of the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

Biden told the media that he’s planning on starting the daily briefings as early as Monday.

A schedule of regular press briefings would actually represent a major departure for the former Vice President’s campaign strategy, which has largely sought to keep the gaffe-challenged candidate out of the public eye. Biden, perhaps shockingly for an all-but presumptive major party nominee, hasn’t appeared in public for three days as on Sunday morning.

He’s spoken for duration as short as ten minutes during major campaign events, making some spectators question as to whether his campaign staff is trying to keep him out of the public eye.

Liberals have expressed fury with President Donald Trump’s briefings, and one Washington Post opinion columnist called for the briefings to be ignored by major TV news networks. Such a media approach would run in the face of the American tradition of Presidents speaking directly to the people in times of crisis, with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fireside chats being a prominent example during World War II.

Biden ultimately is just a candidate as of now and doesn’t possess the powers of the President, so it’s not entirely clear what his pseudo-presidential briefings will entail. Perhaps he’ll monday-morning quarterback and question every facet of the federal government’s coronavirus strategy.

However, the plan could easily backfire on the gaffe-challenged Democrat. His propensity of forgetfulness could raise questions about whether or not the likely Democratic nominee has the acuity to govern as President in times of crisis such as these.

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