Joe Biden Prepares the Rollout of Expanded Background Checks as a Major Plank of His 2024 Presidential Campaign

According to CNN, President Joe Biden is planning to make gun control a central pillar of his 2024 re-election bid. This comes at a time when the Biden regime is expected to implement a massive executive order with respect to background checks for firearm purchases. 

Effectively, this executive action will greatly broaden background checks for gun purchases. 

The Biden regime set this executive action in motion back in March, which would broaden the definition of which gun sellers are mandated to comply with federal licensing and background check requirements. 

This move is generally viewed as the most that can be done toward setting up universal background checks without passing new legislation. 

Although this measure is expected to be given the green light soon, White House aides are already making plans for a larger event to officially announce this move with Biden heading into the fall. Additional campaign events focusing on firearms are expected to take place as well. 

Every major civilian disarmament organization has endorsed Biden’s re-election bid and several leaders informed CNN that they expect to hit the campaign trail and drop big bucks on races spanning the presidency all the way down to the state level. 

Right now, the current configuration of Congress prevents Biden from passing universal background checks via conventional legislative means. The House is under Republican control, which will generally kill any chances for the passage of gun control legislation, 

However, the Biden regime has a major tyrannical streak so it will try to implement gun control via executive action. Should Biden successfully pull this off, gun owners must offer a strong response in the form of gun control nullification. Ultimately, gun owners must revolt against the gun control regime in DC. 

Nullification is the best way to do so.

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