Joe Biden Will Set Up Vice Presidential Selection Committee by May 1st

Joe Biden is preparing to appoint a team of advisors who will help him select a Vice President, stating that he’ll have the team in place by May 1st.

The former Vice President said as such during an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’ with James Corden on Wednesday.

Biden has previously pledged to appoint a woman as his Vice President, placing an emphasis on the gender identity of his running mate over actual policy. Loyal establishment Democrats such as Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris have been touted as likely contenders for Biden’s vice presidential nominee. Biden’s insistence on a female running mate could be a convenient rebuff to calls for him to place New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on the ticket, who some Democrats are hoping will eventually replace Biden at the Democratic convention.

The list of potential running mates touted by supposed campaign insiders largely come from Biden’s wing of the Democratic Party, suggesting that the party establishment figure is uninclined to balance out the ticket by selecting a Democrat from the progressive wing of the party.

Biden stated that his campaign expects to narrow down the candidates for the vice presidential slot to two or three contenders by late July, suggesting that he’s not nearing a decision on his running mate in the immediate future. The Democratic convention is scheduled for August, although the premise of physical political conventions appears to be more in doubt than ever on account of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic.



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