Joe Biden’s Record: The Definition of America Last

There is something amiss with Joe Biden. This is no secret. People on the right know it, people on the left know it, and people who spend way too much time on social media know it.

But what is amiss with the former Vice President and current delegate leader to be the Democrat candidate to oppose President Trump in November really does not have much to do with his gaffs, his inability to walk by a child and not smell it, or his incapacity to complete a coherent campaign stump speech.

It goes further than the memes that are spread of him on Facebook or the “Sleepy Joe” nickname that President Trump has given him.

It only takes putting Joe Biden under a political microscope to observe what is amiss with him. An objective observation exposes him as someone who has a thirty plus year record as an “America Last” politician, one who has sold out the American taxpayer, the American worker, and the American soldier.

In a famous presidential debate in 1992 the late Ross Perot gave a prophetic warning about what would happen if NAFTA was passed; American factories would close and American wages would drop. Joe Biden, who was then a U.S. Senator representing Delaware, ignored the warning and on November 20th, 1993 voted in support of NAFTA.

The United States saw a loss of more than eighty thousand manufacturing establishments from 1994 through 2014, the American wage went flat and in some cases went into decline.

In the early 2000s the Neo-Con Administration of George W. Bush began to pound the war drums by telling the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that American military force must be used to overthrow Saddam Hussein for the sake of peace in the region.

In October of 2002, despite the lack of evidence and the opposition of the American people, Joe Biden, who was at the time the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to authorize the use of the American military against Iraq.

Forty four hundred American soldiers paid the ultimate price in the sands of Iraq, thirty six thousand troops were injured, millions of Iraqi people became displaced, and the American taxpayer was footed a bill for between three and four trillion dollars.

In 2007 big financial institutes such as Lehman Brothers and AIG were on the brink of ruin due to their mismanagement of subprime mortgages so they appealed to the Bush Administration for a bailout.  In 2008 Joe Biden voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

This program shifted seven hundred billion dollars from the American taxpayers to the big banks. Afterwards big bank CEOs got golden parachute retirements while millions of Americans lost their homes.

Joe Biden has a long history of putting the agenda of globalists before the American working family. His voting record alone should disqualify him from ever being in a position of leadership in America again. History will show him to be nothing more than a custodian of American decline.

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