JOE BIGGS: Antifa’s Molotov Cocktails Are Why We Need To End Domestic Terrorism

Biggs End Domestic Terrorism

After a member of Antifa, armed with a rifle and Molotov cocktails, wreaked havoc at a migrant detention center in Washington state this weekend, Joe Biggs, an Army veteran, reporter, and political activist, says it is more important than ever for patriots to speak out against the group.

Biggs, along with Enrique Tarrio and other organizers, is planning a End Domestic Terrorism rally in Portland, Oregon on August 17 in the wake of the violence against Andy Ngo and last weekend’s stunning attack on a migrant detention center from a self-identified member of Antifa.

Speaking to Big League Politics, Biggs said that the weekend saw “A 69 year old guy who carried out an attack on an ICE facility, and he came with weapons and Molotov cocktails.”

“That’s pretty insane. Not only do these people openly talk about committing violence on social media,  they are actively committing acts of domestic terrorism within the country, and social media is doing nothing to stop it.”

Biggs, who was banned by Twitter for pledging to defend himself against Antifa, also lamented big tech’s willingness to let these individuals say on their platforms.

“These big tech companies are idly sitting by while they carry these things out,” said Biggs. “These people are willing to take up arms, they’re willing to learn to mix chemical compounds, and they’re willing to use deadly force to go against who ever they deem to be fascist.”

“I’ve got a friend who is now a Puerto Rican Nazi, and I’ve got many black Nazi friends, because they just throw this label onto all these people,” he added. “And Antifa believes it.”

The combat veteran also stressed that Antifa wants to bring communism to American shores, and will attack anyone they believe stands in their way.

“The true enemy is this Antifa organization,” said Biggs. “They are communists. They want communism in America, and we need to call it as it is.”

“That’s why this rally is important,” Biggs added. “We’re a nation of laws, this country will never be a communist country.”

Biggs also explained that he wants Antifa to know that, should they rally in public with the implied or overt threat of violence, they will face patriots willing to peacefully stand for America wherever they go.

“My goal is to peacefully strike fear into Antifa, to the point where they don’t even want to show up to these events anymore,” said Biggs. “We can do that without violence. We can do that without needing to have bloodshed.”

Biggs explained that he first decided to hold the Stop Domestic Terrorism rally after witnessing what happened to Ngo, and first called Ngo offering to run security for him at future events.

“When you start talking brain bleeds, that’s serious,” said Biggs.

He also told Big League Politics that he expects bad actors to come to the rally in an attempt to make the attendees look dangerous, and disavowed any form of racism or identity politics.

When asked how Antifa’s tactics compares to those he saw while on tours in Iraq in the United States Army, Biggs said they are beginning to use the same tactics he saw in the Middle East.

“They’re using tactics you would see from insurgents,” said Biggs. “You’re starting to see some of these close quarter combat, insurgent type tactics being used. The homemade explosives, the Molotov cocktails, the way they probe to see how you’re going to act to find your weaknesses when they attack.”

“Using black bloc, where someone will jump out and throw a punch or hit you with a weapon and then slowly slip behind this wall of people so those people can be hidden and concealed.” Biggs added, “These are tactics that are used in combat all the time, and they’re taking on extremely militant ways to fight in the street.”

Biggs explained this is why the August 17 rally’s security will be heightened, complete with former police officers and former Navy SEALS in attendance to provide security. Biggs also extensively explained the tactics that will be used to ensure the Stop Domestic Terrorism rally remains safe and non violent. Big League Politics will not expose these tactics to ensure security for the event.

“There’s going to be a lot of people,” said Biggs. “There’s a lot of anger, and my job is going to be to make sure cooler heads prevail and we do the right thing.”

Biggs says he is expecting “at least 1,000” people to attend the rally. He also told Big League Politics that those who attend will be instructed not to pay for food, hotels, or other accommodation within the city of Portland, as the mayor has repeatedly refused to name Antifa or work to limit the violence in the city.

The End Domestic Terrorism rally is scheduled for August 17 in Portland, Oregon.


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