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Joe Exotic’s Legal Team Traveling to DC To Request Presidential Pardon

They hope to get the attention of President Trump.



The legal team of exotic wildlife connoisseur and Netflix ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic is planning a tour-style trip to Washington D.C. in order to request a presidential pardon for Exotic from President Trump. Exotic is currently serving a 22-year sentence at a federal prison in Texas, after being convicted for a murder-for-hire plot against a Florida big cat sanctuary owner. Exotic maintains his innocence, claiming he was set up by nefarious elements within the exotic animal and zoo trade.

The Exotic advocates appear intent on publicizing the larger-than-life story surrounding the Tiger King’s downfall and arrest, documented in the hit Netflix series many quarantined Americans have become enamored with.

Big League Politics published a new letter from the controversial and colorful zookeeper, detailing his continued claims of innocence and his life within the Federal Medical Center at Fort Worth. Eric Love, a close Exotic associate, thanked the Tiger King’s new fans for their support of the now-incarcerated animal lover. Exotic’s lawyers are appealing the Oklahoma native’s murder-for-hire and animal abuse convictions in the federal court system, in addition to seeking an official pardon from the President.

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President Donald Trump confirmed that he knew little to nothing about the peculiar Oklahoma zookeeper, having been largely preoccupied with the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic ever since the six-part documentary series covering Exotic’s downfall has come out. Donald Trump Jr. is known to be a fan of the series, and suggested that his father might be willing to commute Exotic’s hefty sentence if made familiar with the big cat lover’s case.


Victim of Denver Shooting Identified as Veteran, Hatmaker Lee Keltner

A great American by all accounts.



The victim of a heinous shooting in downtown Denver on Saturday has been identified as a small businessman and hatmaker named Lee Keltner. Keltner was shot at point blank in the head by a leftist ideologue who was supposedly acting as a “private security” guard for a NBC affiliate reporter, without being properly licensed to do so or to carry a weapon in Colorado.

Keltner speaks of his craft in a video that emerged on Sunday after his death, briefly describing his service in the US military in one point. He considered his business a means to keep the heritage of the American west alive.

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Keltner had been present at Denver’s Civic Center for a Patriot Prayer event that was picketed by a contingent of leftists who identified themselves as Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

Keltner was involved in a verbal altercation with a Black Lives Matter protestor when Dolloff approached him from his side and shot him in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Antifa supporters have claimed that Keltner utilized pepper spray on the “private security” guard first, but photo imagery reveals that Keltner only deployed pepper spray after Dolloff pointed a gun at him.

The slide of Dolloff’s pistol is already seen cycling as Keltner uses pepper spray- a non-lethal weapon- in self defense. The confrontation between Keltner and a man wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt hadn’t even been violent, and it’s extremely hard to imagine why Dolloff would’ve assumed he had to shoot Keltner.

Denver police initially identified Dolloff- who wasn’t named to the public until late Saturday night as a “private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa.” In actuality, he is not registered or licensed to act as a private security guard in Colorado, and it’s unclear if he’s even eligible to carry a weapon. A query of Dolloff’s social media accounts reveals he has extreme far leftist views. He’s been booked into the Denver jail system on suspicion of first degree murder.

The life of a great American has been taken by a leftist ideologue who callously opened fire at a peaceful protest.

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