Joe Kent Explains How Immigration is a National Security Issue and Why Military Should Be Used to Secure the Border

Congressional candidate Joe Kent recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where he explained that border security is a pressing national security issue and why the military should have a role in keeping dangerous illegal immigrants out of the U.S.

“We’re seeing human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, all of that come through this massive surge of immigration because we have an unsecured border. I think that’s a major national security issue,” he said.

Kent explained that although most immigrants crossing the border “are just good hard-working people that are seeking a better life for themselves and their families,” they displace the American workforce and drive the cost of labor down by flooding the country.

“I think on the economic front and the security front it’s an absolute disaster, and we should deploy the military down there,” he said.

Kent explained his story and how that makes him care about not putting the troops in needless peril. He served his country as a special operations officer in the Armed Services for 20 years. The Pentagon bureaucracy, in bed with the defense contractors and military-industrial complex, put his wife in harm’s way by opposing President Trump’s plan to bring troops home from Syria. 

“My wife, Shannon Kent, who was also in the military, was killed fighting ISIS in Syria. This was at a pretty pivotal time in President Trump’s presidency. This was right after he tried to get us out of Syria the first time so Shannon was killed a month after he tried the initial pullout,” he said.

Kent called out former Defense Secretary James Mattis and other federal bureaucrats for obstructing Trump’s peace plan. He said that it became incumbent upon him to speak in favor of Trump’s foreign policy so tragedies such as what happened to his late wife would not happen again to our nation’s heroes.

“I felt that it was my place to articulate to the American people that President Trump was doing the right thing, he was trying to put America First, fulfill his campaign promises and get us out of these wasteful wars,” he said.

Kent said that the military should protect our borders and not be used as props by Democrats who want to intimidate their political opposition in the homeland. 

“What Biden’s doing right now is he’s trying to send a very clear message to everyone in the government, and he’s starting with the military because the military answers directly to the president, saying that anyone who doesn’t go along with what he says and his worldview, they will be labeled as terrorists and insurrectionists,” he explained.

Kent concluded by stating that America is headed for some “very dark, difficult times” with institutions such as the military being operated to the detriment of the people.

The video of Kent appearing on BLP Live can be seen here:

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