Joe Rogan And Others Express Skepticism About GETTR’s Intentions

Joe Rogan interviewed comedian Tim Dillon on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Popular podcast host, comedian, and former UFC fighter Joe Rogan recently made headlines for his decision to join GETTR, a platform that touts itself as an open platform for those seeking free speech and a “Marketplace of Ideas,” especially as an alternative to Twitter. Rogan himself has stated that he specifically joined in order to support platforms that do not seek to silence participants solely based on political opinions that they deem taboo.

Rogan’s desire to support a free speech platform may sadly not work out with GETTR as it was just last month that the host of the nightly show “America First” show Nick Fuentes was permanently banned from the platform.

‘They might be part of the Chinese communist party now,’ Joe Rogan appeared to say of GETTR in a clip from a recent interview with comedian Tim Dillon on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” The exchange was posted by conservative podcast host Elijah Schaffer on Gab and can be found by clicking here.

Fuentes reportedly attempted to rejoin the platform multiple times only to then be permanently banned.

“If I go on there, and they ban me for being me, well what is that? It’s arbitrary, it’s discretionary, and when they ban groyper, that takes it to a different level,” Fuentes said on his stream.

Schaffer has used various social media platforms to specifically comment on the banning of Fuentes and others.

“It’s interesting that @joerogan is also suspicious of @GettrOfficial after learning about the Chinese funding, follower inflation, blocking of political dissidents they disagree w/, leftist dog whistles in TOS, Democrat background of staff, AWS servers,” commented Schaffer in an online post he made sharing the aforementioned video. “Investigation continues.”

“I am becoming suspicious of @GETTRofficial as I reached out to them regarding the banning (w/out explanation) of a prominent, controversial user,” Schaffer wrote on in a separate and earlier post on Twitter. “They said he violated their TOS, but won’t respond to my inquiry of what in their TOS he violated or what post violated it.”

The political commentator continued, also joining Joe Rogan in the suggestion that the company appears to take Chinese funding and follow similar trends of censorship already established by Twitter. GETTR appears to have since shadowbanned Schaffer following his inquiry, leading to speculation that the platform is attempting to punish anybody that questions their intentions.

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