Joe Rogan Calls Out Mainstream Media for “Completely Ignoring” Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Podcaster and MMA commentator Joe Rogan called out what he’s describing as a refusal on the part of the mainstream media to recognize Joe Biden’s sharp cognitive decline on Friday.

Rogan questioned what he sees as an inherently political approach on the Left and the media, ignoring serious questions about Biden’s mental acuity and instead rationalizing support for the Democrat on the basis of his hypothetical cabinet and administration.

“I’m seeing this one thing that I keep hearing over and over again from people on the Left that really disturbs me – it’s this concession that what you’re voting for is the Cabinet, you’re voting for the Supreme Court, you’re voting for someone who’s not going to reverse Roe vs. Wade,” said Rogan, the most listened-to podcaster in America.

That’s what I keep hearing from my friends on the Left. They’ve basically just made this concession in their head like, ‘Hey, you know, this is what I’m voting for now.’ And the news media on the Left has completely ignored all of these Biden speeches that clearly show some sort of cognitive decline.

Bret Weinstein, a center-left college professor drummed out of Evergreen State College for insufficient leftism, expressed qualified agreement with Rogan.

Rogan has previously pointed to what he sees as strong evidence of Biden’s borderline dementia, stating that the 77-year old “can’t be President” in response to a clip that featured Biden referring to the ‘Creator’ as the ‘Thing’ when reciting a line from the Declaration of Independence.

Biden has routinely struggled to finish complete sentences, lost his train of thought, and even forgotten his physical location during campaign and media events, leading many to speculate that his campaign team is intently limiting his in-person appearances to reduce the chances of further embarrassing gaffes.

The mainstream media continues to intently ignore the serious questions over Biden’s mental state, but the question will become all the more apparent as the country progresses further into election season.

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